Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dropping off at the MCT - 11/16/11

November 16, 2011
Hermana Aubrey England goes to the MTC
Today started early at 5:00 AM for all of us but Aubrey who was up at 6:00.  Lisa made Aubrey and family a breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and juice.  Good byes were very quick for Brandon, Amy and Danny who needed to get to school, but not before pictures were taken of her with all of us.  Grandpa England came over and took a family picture.  The only one of us missing was Josh who was unavailable at the time it was taken.  She also asked for pictures with our very old dog, Ginger, who probably will have passed away when she returns. 
After the kids went to school it was busy for us while Aubrey had some last minute packing to do.  Don helped her with that while Lisa made sure other last minute details were attended to. 
The time to leave for the MTC came all too fast.  Don packed her suit cases into the back of his truck, and then we were on our way to see Nanny so she could also have a chance to get a hug from Aubrey and say goodbye.  Nanny was working but we all had a chance to chat for a moment and get hugs.
After we left Nanny we had just barely enough time to stop by Wendy’s drive through to get Aubrey some chicken nuggets and fries. She ate them while we all made guesses about what would be different when she returned.  We decided that the biggest difference could be that Danny who is now 12 may possibly be taller than her and shaving.
When we arrived at the MTC it all went very fast.  We got out and unloaded her luggage.  There were Elders there to help her with it.  We all got in a last minute hug and the Elders quickly took her inside. 
We are all very happy for Aubrey to have this wonderful opportunity to serve as a missionary for the church in Chile. 


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