Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 27 in Chile - 07/30/2012

Place: Cordillera, Chillan Ñuble
Companion: Hermana Steinmetz
Mini Cambio: Hermana Brady
Date: 30/07/2012
Hola Mi Familia!
       ¿Como Estan Todos? I really hope that all of you continue to do, fantastically well. Well this week, I would like to say that I have learned so much; Nanny´s saying, "No experience is a total loss if you learn from it" has really taken effect in my life this week. I have had many experiences this week, and I have learned from each one of them, whether it was good or bad. So this week I have been a little sick, and because I was there was two day where I was pretty much commanded by Hna. Steinmetz to stay in the house and I wasn´t allowed to leave with her; I will let you know that made me go really crazy! I wanted to be outside teaching so much, and I was stuck in the house like a chicken, but I made the best out of it, and I studied a bit, slept and haha I heart attacked Hna. Steinmetz bed, it was fun. But I think the lesson I learn this week from all of that is I should have listened to my companion sooner and gone to the doctor or have at least rested the week before; we woke up at 5 this morning so that we could go see Dr. Gomez, and her office is in Concepcion, so it was about a 2 hour travel, but we went because I couldn´t really hear very well out of my left ear, for about a week it has sounded like I have been under 5 feet of water, so we went in because everyone I talked to, investigators, memebers and everyone told me to go, but Dr. Gomez told me that the inside of my ear had become infected from the cold I had, and the other ear was starting too, so I have been put on medicine, so I will get better, but as I said, "no experience is a total loss if you learn from it" right? I learned to not be so stubborn and go to the doctor sooner. haha :)
      But as you can see I had a mini cambio this week, it was really fun I went to the sector Libertadores, where Hermana Brady and Hermana Mena works, and Hna. Mena and I switched places for two days. It was a lot of fun to work with Hermana Brady, I learned so many wonderful things from her, and I am going to apply them into my life to help me become a better missionary. We had some really great lessons together, and one of my favorites was a contact we did. So there are times when you are walking around and we because we´re human we have to go to the bathroom, and because we were far from our house, we were doing a contact, a lady that told them that they could return the next week, but she was telling us that she didn´t have any time, but Hna. Brady after she heard that was like, alright but can I ask a favor, and I use your bathroom, and she said sure. So while Hna. Brady was using the bathroom, what happens to the other companion? they are sitting on the couch with the familiy :) so as a good missionary I took that opportunity and started to get to know that family and started teaching them right then and there. It was awesome, we taught them about the plan of salvation because there grandma died a few months ago and their grandpa is on his way too, but we taught them about this plan and how their family would be alright if they follow it, the spirit in that lesson was very strong. Like I told you I learned many great things from Hermana Brady this week, and bonus, Hna. Brady cuts hair, so she cut my hair for free, and gave me some layers, it is awesome, especially since it is someone who speaks english and I can tell her exactally what I want :) 
      Well I have learned so much this week. I had some really good studies as I was reading my scriptures, but haha a little glitch that happened this week, which is a bit sad, but we are working on is that, on the way home from the mini cambio and all the hustle and bustle I lost my english scriptures, so right now I am reading in Spanish. I guess the only thing i can ask is pray for me that I will be able to find my scriptures, and if not the people who found them will become converted my some miracle, haha :) No we are working on find them! Miracles happen! :) But this is a blessing in disguise I´m going to get a lot better at reading spanish, I can alright understand 80 to 85% of what I´m reading so hey, hey I´m going to improve a whole lot faster si? si!! 
     I learned so many great things this week as I was reading, and I few things I learned was in D&C 24:7-9, 24 and these are the notes that I wrote down from those verses. "Remember that this is no ordinary calling! This is a calling from God the supreme creator of all things living, and He has given you a calling, don´t worry about the temporal because He will help you, instead always ask how will what I´m doing help me out in the eternities? andifit doesn´t help don´t do it! It isn´t worth it! Trust in God, He will help you through all afflictions and is right by your side. He will magnify your calling if you allow Him too." vs. 24 "Think about how special your calling is! Think about the time you have been saved for! The second coming is at hand and you ahve been chosen out of billions upon billions of people to be here in this time in this place for this purpose. Trust in God, because He has His full trust in you that you can do what He knows you can do." And a quote by C.S. Lewis, "The Lord said we were gods. How long could you bear to look without times lense, on the greatness of your own soul, and the eternal reality of you own choice." Awesome huh!! I learned so much this week, we all need to remember no matter what our calling it, as a missionary, bishop, primary worker, or parent, whatever the calling is, it is no ordinary calling and is a calling from God, and if you put your trust in Him and He will give you the strength to do all that you need to! I promise because I have seen it in my life. Look who as learned Spanish! That is a miracle! Haha. 
    Well I hope that you all continue to do amazing! Remember always how much I love you all and I hope that you all remember that I pray for you always. Please take care and I will write you again next week with more adventures! Love you all! Remember "No experience is a total loss is you learn from it!"
  Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad!
   Hermana Aubrey Jo England

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 26 in Chile - 07/23/2012


Place: Cordillera, Chillan Ñuble

Companion: Hermana Steinmetz

Date: 23/07/2012

Hola Mi Familia,

¿Como Estan Todos? I hope that you all are continuing to do amazing! I´m just going to be a little bit honest right now, this letter is going to be a bit shorter than the rest of the letters that I have sent, because I´m just a little bit sick, and so Hermana Steinmetz is pretty much ordering me to stay in my bed today, except for the few things that we have to do, because I have just gotten worse this week, because I was very stubborn and told her that I was fine and that we were going out to work, and so now I´m paying for it a little bit, but no worries I´m going to be just fine it is just a little head cold, and we are going to nip it in the bud before you know it, especially because I have a stubborn companion just like me who is making me stay down, haha fighting and kicking all the way :) No I have starting listening now, so it will be much better real soon! :)

But this week has been a really good week, the first wonderful thing is drumroll please..... we had a baptism, SOLANGE SE BAUTIZO!!! It was a really wonderful baptism, and she is such an amazing lady, and has a very strong testimony. One of the strong testimonies that she has is about the Book of Mormon. So as we know there was a huge earthquake here a couple years ago, and after that huge earthquake, Solange was never able to sleep, ever, and was always tired, but when she got the Book of Mormon from Hna. Rojas, she was promised that she would be able to sleep again. The first night she read it, she said she read a bit and as she was reading she fell asleep for an entire hour, and she felt so happy, then the next night three hours, and it kept building up to where now she can get a full nights sleep and she doesn´t need sleeping pills. Isn´t that amazing! The power of the Book of Mormon is so real, if it can help me learn spanish, it can help anyone do anything.

Well this week we had a mission conference, and it was freaking amazing like always. President Humphrey and Hermana Humphrey are so amazing, I love them both with all my heart! We learned a lot of great things to help us become better missionaries, such as how to study better, plan a bit better, and how to give commitments better. It was very inpirational and I am working on applying everything that I learned. We had lunch there which is always good, we had half a chicken, and a baked potato, and bread, and then a awesome bannana bread dessert which is amazing. The conference was pretty much all day, and then we went to terminal to take a bus home but because it was the weekend, the bus didn´t leave until 7:45, so we didn´t get home until about 9:15, but that was alright Hermana Steinmetz and I did a lot of contacts as we were waiting.

Well I´m going to kind of end it there but I want to share with you a cool thing that I read today that I really loved. I was reading a conference talk by Sister Dalton, from the YW general conference, and she said something I really loved, change that, everything she said I loved, but this is what stuck out to me the most as I was reading it this time. "If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world... When you live the standards and qualify for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, you can have a powerful impact in the world. Your example, even the light in your eyes, will influence others who see your “shine,” and they will want to be like you. Where do you get this light? The Lord is the light, “and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through the world, that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit.” A divine light comes into your eyes and countenances when you draw close to your Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s how we get the “shiney”!" I really loved this, and it is so true, we each need to remember that we have a light to share, so what do we need to do, SHARE IT!! Remember that you can make a difference, it is in each of us to make a difference, our Heavenly Father has put His entire confidence in each of us, that is why we are here in this place at this time, because He knows we can change the world, if we just believe in ourselfs and put our confidence in Him. He will help us through all! I can and do testify of that because He has helped me so much as I have been here, and continues to help me accomplish all my goals and I know He will do the the same for all of you!

Ok looks like I need to do a bit of repenting because I lied, this letter is a bit long, but I´m sure all of you will forgive me, haha! :) I hope you all remember who you are! And I hope you all remember how much you all mean to me, and that I love you all more than you can ever imagine, that is one of the many reasons I am here, is for all of you! Remember that I pray for each and every one of you every day and night and always, that Heavenly Father may bless you with the blessings you need. I love you all so very much, please take care, and I promise that next week I will have more wonderful adventures from Cordillera!

Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 25 in Chile - 07/16/2012

OCHO MESES EN LA MISIÓNPlace: Cordillera, Chillan Nuble
Companion: Hermana Steinmetz
Date: 16/07/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!!

        ¿Como Estan todos? Can you believe it!! I already have 8 months in the mission! Entonces haha Happy Chili Day! Where in the world is the time going? It is so crazy!!! Wow well this week has been absolutely amazingly fun! I really love my new sector, Cordillera is a beautiful place, the thing I had to get use to though here is it is more of a city, and many cars, yeah I have had to be a bit more careful crossing the street. And hear this the coolest thing ever, we are pretty close to the mountains, and there is SNOW!!! I´m so excited to be able to go one p-day and play in the snow, I have missed it so much, because Christmas there was like no snow whatsoever, so I haven´t seen snow for a long time, and this christmas there definitly will not be snow since it will be summer, so i´m sure you can see my excitement! :)   My companion is amazingly, fantastic!! We hit it off really well, really fast, and I know that Hermana Steinmetz and I are going to have a lot of success together, I´m so excited, our personalities are casi 100% the same, which is really crazy, how often does that happen, where you are put with a random companion and you hit is off really well, the first day, it is great. Bueno a little bit of information about Hermana Steinmetz, well she is from Houston, Texas, she has the same tick day as I do, so today she has 16 months in the mission, yeah lets just say right now I will probably be the companion who kills her, because she is almost finished, it really is crazy how fast time passes, we need to cherish every moment that we have. But so something cool about Hermana Steinmetz and I is that we are 1 of the only 2 gringa companionships in the mission, all the other companionships for the hermanas are either one latina and a gringa, or two latinas. So we were both thinking about that the other day, and we decided there is a reason that we were put together at this time, as one of the only gringa companionships and we are going to find those reasons why, together!

     The house in Cordillera is amazing! It is really big, too, I promise that I will take pictures and send them to you next week, because I forgot the cord to download them. But it is a great house, and the amazing thing, there is hot water!! In Hualqui, there wasn´t hot water, you had to boil it, and the shower was electric, (where as here it is gas) so you really had to play with it to even find a little warm water, but it is so amazing to have hot water, I will never, ever, take hot water for granted again, I think I forgot what it felt like after six months, but never again will I take it for granted, because it is a blessing to have. Oh the only thing that really scares me about this house is the stairs, they are tiny, my feet are bigger then the steps, and they are steep, haha so pretty much I was crawling up them so I wouldn´t fall for the first few days, but now it is getting better with more practice, and I learned you just have to go down sideways, so ahora it is really much better, but they are still a bit scary. Haha so the other day for exercises Hna. Steinmetz and I did a P90X dvd that one of the other Hermana´s left for her, and all I can say is I was so sore the next day, it was so crazy, but it was somewhat of a good sore, haha.

     We aren´t the only two hermanas in the house, we live with two more hermanas in the house who are in the sector Anagronamia (It think that is how you spell it), they are Hermana Daglio, who is from Argentina, and Hermana Martinez, who is from El Salvador, and get this is the cousin of Hermana Sanchez, it is awesome! But they are so much fun, and are full of a lot of energy! I love both of them so, so much! I want to thank you for the package you sent me, there was a lot of cool things in there, and Hna´s Martinez y Daglio, loved the pop rocks and the silly straws. Haha so I am probably just a little bit of a joker, (I learned that from you, mom and dad.) but this morning, Hermana Daglio came in to our room after she woke up, to tell us hi, well you remember the sour cry baby gumballs you gave me, well I gave one to Hermana Daglio and told her it was gum, which wasn´t a lie, and she put it right in her mouth and started to chew it, and you should have seen her face it was one of the funniest things in the entire world, it made me laugh so hard, but then I had to run down stairs after and told her sorry, and then she told me that we have to do it to Hna. Martinez tonight, which she is excited about. haha it is just really funny because they don´t know what it is because the wrapper is in English, and I´m sure Hermana Daglio will get me back so we are even.

    There are so many funny things that have happened this week, it is like a comedy movie in our house. When I first got here, it was funny I started putting my stuff away (Which was so crazy to pack by the way, it is crazy what you obtain in 6 months) but I was upacking and I saw a little bug or something on my bed, and I said, "Hermana Steinmetz what is this" she came over looked at it really close, jumped back quickly, and yelled, "THAT´S A PULGA (flea), THATS IT WE ARE CALLING ELDER CLAWSON RIGHT NOW FOR PULGA SPRAY" haha oops looks like I brought a few fleas with me, Hermana Steinmetz has never been bit and she wants to keep it that way, it was just funny the look on her face, when she say that it was pulga.

     The people here in Cordillera are amazing! I love the barrio, they are tiny, about 70 active memebers, but each and every one of them are great and I´m excited to work with them! And the investigators are great too, there is Solange, who is really funny, and I love her, she has a fecha for her baptism this saturday, so we are very excited for her and finishing teaching all she needs to know. There is Juan, and he is great too, he has a lot of faith in Christ, There is Elva who is a new convert and she is awesome I´ve grown very close to her already. There are very many people here, and I know that I´m going to have are really great time here. One of the things that was really cool this week, was we were teaching this lady named Anna, she has a store that she works in, and that is where we were teaching her, Hermana Steinmetz was teaching and I was thinking "what in the world am I going to say, what does she need". So I said a little pray in my heart and that was when a scripture came to my mind that I had studyed that morning, which talks about gifts from god, so I began talking about that, and I can´t tell you everything that I told her, because I don´t remember all I said, but I knew in that moment I wasn´t the one teaching, the spirit was using me as an intrument to teach her what she needed to hear, and I invited to her to be baptized, which I hardly ever do in the first visit, because I´m just getting to know them, but something told me i had to invite her, it was the coolest feeling ever to be in an instrument in the hands of the Spirit.

      Well I can´t think of too much more, but before I finish I will leave you with a scripture that I came across this week that I love. So this cambio I have started reading that Doctrine and Covenents and all I can say is it is absolutely, fantastically amazing, there are so many treasures to be found in these revelations, but the scripture I found this week is in D&C 6:14,18-19, 36 which says: "Verily, verily, I say unto thee,blessed art thou for what thou hast done; for thou hast inquired of me, and behold, as often as thou hast inquired thou hast received instruction of my Spirit. If it had not been so, thou wouldst not have come to the place where thou art at this time. Therefore be diligent; stand by my servant Joseph, faithfully in whatsoever difficult circumstances... for the word´s sake... Be patient; be sober; be temperate; have patience, faith, hope, and charity. Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." I really loved this scripture, because it just shows us that we are each where we are in the point of our lives because God has plans for us to be where we are, we just need to be diligent, faithfully, not doubting that through Him we can absolutely do all things, because He was the one who has permitted us to be here at this time specificly, to touch the lives of people that are around us. Well I hope that all of you are continuing to do amazingly well, and I hope all of you always remember how much that I love you all, and that I pray for you all always each day and night and always. Please take care and this next week will be more wonderful news from Cordillera. Until then take care!

  Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
   Hermana Aubrey Jo England

Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 24 in Chile - 07/09/2012

Place: Hualqui
Companion: Hermana Keil
Mini Cambio: Hermana López
Date: 9/07/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!!
      ¿Como estan todos? Well this week as actually been a little crazy but has been really fun! Like life this week had its ups and downs, like a roller coaster, but hey it makes it fun! I love roller coasters! :) No I think the only thing that wasn´t too much fun this week is we had many doors closed in our face this week, so it was really hard, because we know how important this message it, and when people don´t want to give even five minutes for a simple prayer or a message about Christ it´s hard, but all you have to remember is that people have agency and if they choose not to listen it is ok and maybe one day they will :) 
      OK time for the big question that I think all of you want answered this week, what happened with cambios this week! Ok ready for this, drum roll please......... I AM GOING TO CORDILLERA, CHILLAN!!!! Yep that is right I´m changing sectors after 6 months of being in Hualqui! AAAH is the only this that I can say, but I knew that it was coming, I knew that I was going to be changed, because it is very rare to have 5 cambios in a sector like I told you before, and the fact that I couldn´t sleep last night very well, probably was another sign. But I´m very excited to go to my new sector, and I will be companions with Hermana Steinmetz, she is a wonderful missionary, I have met her a few times and I´m excited to be with her! So next week there will be some more updates about how my new sector is!!! 
    So this week I had a mini cambio like you can see, I was with Hermana López like you can see, and it was so much fun, I love Hna. López with all my heart, she is an hermana from Argentina and is the best ever, we had a lot of fun working together, and because it was the fourth of July, she decided that we had to celebrate it, so when we got home that night, she painted our faces with the American flag and then we made no bake cookies, haha it was a lot of fun! Too bad it is against the rules to have fireworks! :) But we had a lot of fun! Oh so I forgot to tell you last week it turns out I became the "chosen one" in our house, because my legs started getting bitten by fleas so much last week, and usually there is only one person they choose in the house and this cambio is turned out to be me! I really don´t like being the "Chosen One" in that manera, but hey they haven´t been biting this week so that is a whole lot better. 
   What else could I tell you about this week, so we are continuing to work with the wonderful people here in Hualqui, Carol is progressing really well, and will be baptized in a couple weeks, which is awesome, it will be sad that I can´t be here, but Hna. Keil promised she would take pictures. Catalina is progressing little by little, and hopefully Hna. Keil and Hna. Rojas will be able to help her take that next step. I know that there are going to be great people waiting for me in Cordillera, and it will be great to go there and find them. 
     So we have been teaching a lady here in Hualqui, named Claudia, I can´t remember if I told you about her, or not, she is a wonderful lady, she is 24 years old, but the hard thing we are trying to help her with is she is a drug addict, and smokes and drinks, but she wants to change so we are trying to help her change, but the other day we stoped by her house to take her some mandrine oranges because they are her favorite, and when we stoped by she, was completely drunk and on something, and we stopped by to drop the oranges off, and when we did she just started crying and crying, because she just needed someone to support her, and she was very sad that she couldn´t have her 4 year old daughter with her that weekend, but we were in there trying to comfort her, we sang for her, and we just sat there with her, trying to help her, and in the end of our visit we got her to a point of laughing. I can´t describe all that happend that night, but I will tell you this experience had a great effect on me, and has changed me more than anyone will expect. I have learned more this week, the importance of each person in the eyes of God, and the worth of souls. As we were helping her, I could feel within me the love that our Heavenly Father has for Claudia, it was the coolest feeling ever, and I know that no importa the situation that anyone is in our Heavenly Father is there for each and everyone of his children, and never leaves them, they just need to seek and ask for his help.   
    Haha so this week we had a service project to help a member in our ward. So we went to their house because they had just finished cutting all the branches off their tree and had two huge piles so we helped them short it out into fire wood and sticks to go out back, and my job was to chop all the wood, because I was the only Hermana who has every really used an axe before (Yes that is right mom! I hope that makes you proud! :)  ) , haha it was so much fun, but I am so sore right now, because the "axe" that they had was more like a hatchet with and axe head, haha so I had to use a lot more force to cut the wood, but hey it was so much fun! I actually had someone who let me cut wood, I have been offering people for weeks and finally someone accepted! Whats up with people not wanting to accept, just because I´m a missionary who happens to be an hermana and I´m wearing a dress, doesn´t mean that I can´t cut wood! ;) haha just kidding around :) Oh so I bought a recorder this week, because I needed something to play music, because I don´t have much time any more to play piano, and playing music is one of my destressers, so I bought a recorder and I have been learning how to play the hymns on it, I´m doing pretty good with it, you will have to hear, oh and dad so that you know, I have a goal now to learn how to play the bagpipes, so get you chanter ready I will learn that when i get home because I know that is after recorder! then next step bagpipes!!! :)
     Well I need to get going so that I can go and pack all my stuff and I can get a little bit of sleep tonight, haha! but before I end I´m going to leave you with a spiritual thought, so this week I finished the Book of Mormon!! Woohoo!!! It was such an amazing experience to read it together as a mission and this week I´m going to start with D&C! I´m really excited. But one of the things that stood out to me as I finished and the experiences that I had this week, is that we can´t judge people! We need to always remember that the Worth of Souls is Great in the Sight of God!! We need to remember that all people that are around us are our brothers and sister, and remember to love them, remember that everyone needs to be loved. I´m definitly not the most perfect one with this, but each and every day if there is someone who makes me mad I do my best to remember that they are my brothers and sisters and well, and I forgive them. So my message to you all this week, so your best to serve others this week, and remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God, remember that each and every person on this earth is our brother and sister and we are here to help them! Find someone to serve this week. 
   I hope that all of you are continuing to do amazing and this next week I will have another wonderful letter for you all from Cordillera!! Please take care and remember that I am always praying for you all! and I love you all so much! Until next week!
   Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
    Hermana Aubrey Jo England

Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 23 in Chile 0 07/02/2012

Place: Hualqui
Companion: Hermana Keil
Date: 2/07/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!!
             ¿Como estan todos? I really hope that things continue to do really well. Things here are going really well, we had a really good week this week, and found many new people to start teaching which is amazing! And before I continue, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS JULY!! It is so crazy where in the world did June go?? Time is going really fast, it is really crazy that I am going to have 8 months in the mission in like two weeks. Well like I said things are going really good here, and we continue to teach really amazing people, we haven´t had to big of a chance to go and see Catalina and the family this week, because she has been working and we can´t enter the house unless she is there, and it is to cold to teach the kids outside, so hopefully she will have a little bit more time this week and we can find them. We have been teaching this one girl that I have told you about before, her name is Carol Valenzuela, she is so awesome, there is actually a picture of her that I sent you all last week, there is the one picture where I´m playing the piano with someone, the picture after that one I believe I am with two girls, she isn´t the girl I was playing the piano with but the other girl. But Carol is doing wonderful and has a fecha for the 21 of July, and we are really excited for her, she is progressing really well, so I will have to let you know how things go with her. The only sad thing is is there are cambios next week, so this is the first time where I have had the feeling that I will be leaving and changing sectors, because I have been here for six months and it is rare to have 5 cambios in one place, but we will see what happens it is possible that I will have one more cambio here, so that I can help Hna. Keil learn a bit more about the sector in Hualqui, but if I do leave I won´t be here for her baptism, which will be sad, but we will have to see what happens, you will know next Monday whether I am leaving or staying.
        So like I told you I can´t believe it is July already, haha because it sure doesn´t feel like July, literally it feels like December, talk about Christmas in July! haha every once and a while Hna. Keil starts singing Christmas songs because it feels like Christmas, it is funny, so it will be fun to see what Christmas is like in the blazing heat of summer :) Oh so talk about adventures in the mission, this week I don´t know what was different but Hna. Keil and I got stopped and contacted, I think by a total number of 6 drunk men this week, and one of them we saw about 3 times during the week, but no worries nothing happened, most of them just wanted to talk to us, a couple told us to fly back to the states nothing more, and then the one who we saw three times this week, threatened that his lion was going to come and attack us, yeah it was interesting, but again no worries we are protected really well, and prayers really do work, because Sunday we were walking to church and as we were walking we saw the one who threatened us with the lion, well Hna. Keil was praying that we would be invisible to him and that he wouldn´t come and try to talk to us, and that we could walk right by him, and the cool thing is we walked right past him, and it was like he didn´t see us at all, so that is why I said prayers really work, as long as you have the faith that they work.
     Lets see her what else happened this week, I should really start making a list so I know what to write, because it is all a little jumbled up in my head, there is a reason the missionaries say that each week of your mission is like a year, because that is what it feels like. Oh so this week, we have a dart board in our house and Hna. Bahr and I have been having a lot of fun competing against each other, all though it really isn´t too much of a competition cause she always wins, even just by a little, but I´m getting better and I´m determined to win this week. haha but she doesn´t like how I always manage to get the bulls eye and she doesn´t it is funny. Haha and lets just say the ceilings the in the houses here in Chile are a little bit shorter, so lets just say the ceiling has a couple marks in it, and Hna. Bahr hit the light twice, luckily it didn´t break, but no worries we are being a lot more careful.
    Well I really can´t think of too much more, but I´ll start making a list so that next week should be a bit better, but before I leave I want to just leave you with a few verses that I read in the Book of Mormon this week, so I was reading in Mormon this week and a few things that he says about prayer in chapter nine I really liked and want to share it with you. He says: "21. Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever, he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth. 25. And whosoever shall believe in my name, doubting nothing, unto him will I confirm all my words, even unto the ends of the earth. 37. And may the Lord Jesus Christ grant that their prayers may be answered according to their faith; and may God the Father remember the covenant which he hath made with the house of Israel; and may he bless them forever, through faith on the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."  I really liked those few verses, there were many that I came across this week that I love, but these were the few that I felt like I should share, and a quote as well that says, “I was regretting the past and fearing the future. Suddenly my Lord was speaking: ‘My name is I AM’ He paused. I waited. He continued, ‘When you live in the past with it’s mistakes and regrets, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not I WAS. When you live in the future, with it’s problems and fears, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not I WILL BE. When you live in this moment it is not hard. I am here my name is I AM.” ~Helen Mallicoat~ My message to all of you this week would be to remember that all prayers are answered if we have faith and that miracles will also be produced with that faith and patience, that has been proven to me many times while I have been out in the mission and I know because our Heavenly Father loves each of His children, that He will answer each of our prayers, as long as we have faith and the patience to wait for the answer, because "some blessings come soon, some don´t come till later on, and some don´t come until heaven, but for those who [have faith] they come."
     I hope you all remember that I love each and everyone of you so much and more that any of you can ever imagine, and remember I pray for you all, all the time, I hope all goes well this week, please enjoy all the wonderful fireworks for me, and the warm weather! :) I will write more adventures about Hualqui next week, so until then.
  Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
   Hermana Aubrey Jo England