Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 26 in Chile - 07/23/2012


Place: Cordillera, Chillan Ñuble

Companion: Hermana Steinmetz

Date: 23/07/2012

Hola Mi Familia,

¿Como Estan Todos? I hope that you all are continuing to do amazing! I´m just going to be a little bit honest right now, this letter is going to be a bit shorter than the rest of the letters that I have sent, because I´m just a little bit sick, and so Hermana Steinmetz is pretty much ordering me to stay in my bed today, except for the few things that we have to do, because I have just gotten worse this week, because I was very stubborn and told her that I was fine and that we were going out to work, and so now I´m paying for it a little bit, but no worries I´m going to be just fine it is just a little head cold, and we are going to nip it in the bud before you know it, especially because I have a stubborn companion just like me who is making me stay down, haha fighting and kicking all the way :) No I have starting listening now, so it will be much better real soon! :)

But this week has been a really good week, the first wonderful thing is drumroll please..... we had a baptism, SOLANGE SE BAUTIZO!!! It was a really wonderful baptism, and she is such an amazing lady, and has a very strong testimony. One of the strong testimonies that she has is about the Book of Mormon. So as we know there was a huge earthquake here a couple years ago, and after that huge earthquake, Solange was never able to sleep, ever, and was always tired, but when she got the Book of Mormon from Hna. Rojas, she was promised that she would be able to sleep again. The first night she read it, she said she read a bit and as she was reading she fell asleep for an entire hour, and she felt so happy, then the next night three hours, and it kept building up to where now she can get a full nights sleep and she doesn´t need sleeping pills. Isn´t that amazing! The power of the Book of Mormon is so real, if it can help me learn spanish, it can help anyone do anything.

Well this week we had a mission conference, and it was freaking amazing like always. President Humphrey and Hermana Humphrey are so amazing, I love them both with all my heart! We learned a lot of great things to help us become better missionaries, such as how to study better, plan a bit better, and how to give commitments better. It was very inpirational and I am working on applying everything that I learned. We had lunch there which is always good, we had half a chicken, and a baked potato, and bread, and then a awesome bannana bread dessert which is amazing. The conference was pretty much all day, and then we went to terminal to take a bus home but because it was the weekend, the bus didn´t leave until 7:45, so we didn´t get home until about 9:15, but that was alright Hermana Steinmetz and I did a lot of contacts as we were waiting.

Well I´m going to kind of end it there but I want to share with you a cool thing that I read today that I really loved. I was reading a conference talk by Sister Dalton, from the YW general conference, and she said something I really loved, change that, everything she said I loved, but this is what stuck out to me the most as I was reading it this time. "If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world... When you live the standards and qualify for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, you can have a powerful impact in the world. Your example, even the light in your eyes, will influence others who see your “shine,” and they will want to be like you. Where do you get this light? The Lord is the light, “and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through the world, that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit.” A divine light comes into your eyes and countenances when you draw close to your Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s how we get the “shiney”!" I really loved this, and it is so true, we each need to remember that we have a light to share, so what do we need to do, SHARE IT!! Remember that you can make a difference, it is in each of us to make a difference, our Heavenly Father has put His entire confidence in each of us, that is why we are here in this place at this time, because He knows we can change the world, if we just believe in ourselfs and put our confidence in Him. He will help us through all! I can and do testify of that because He has helped me so much as I have been here, and continues to help me accomplish all my goals and I know He will do the the same for all of you!

Ok looks like I need to do a bit of repenting because I lied, this letter is a bit long, but I´m sure all of you will forgive me, haha! :) I hope you all remember who you are! And I hope you all remember how much you all mean to me, and that I love you all more than you can ever imagine, that is one of the many reasons I am here, is for all of you! Remember that I pray for each and every one of you every day and night and always, that Heavenly Father may bless you with the blessings you need. I love you all so very much, please take care, and I promise that next week I will have more wonderful adventures from Cordillera!

Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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