Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 27 in Chile - 07/30/2012

Place: Cordillera, Chillan Ñuble
Companion: Hermana Steinmetz
Mini Cambio: Hermana Brady
Date: 30/07/2012
Hola Mi Familia!
       ¿Como Estan Todos? I really hope that all of you continue to do, fantastically well. Well this week, I would like to say that I have learned so much; Nanny´s saying, "No experience is a total loss if you learn from it" has really taken effect in my life this week. I have had many experiences this week, and I have learned from each one of them, whether it was good or bad. So this week I have been a little sick, and because I was there was two day where I was pretty much commanded by Hna. Steinmetz to stay in the house and I wasn´t allowed to leave with her; I will let you know that made me go really crazy! I wanted to be outside teaching so much, and I was stuck in the house like a chicken, but I made the best out of it, and I studied a bit, slept and haha I heart attacked Hna. Steinmetz bed, it was fun. But I think the lesson I learn this week from all of that is I should have listened to my companion sooner and gone to the doctor or have at least rested the week before; we woke up at 5 this morning so that we could go see Dr. Gomez, and her office is in Concepcion, so it was about a 2 hour travel, but we went because I couldn´t really hear very well out of my left ear, for about a week it has sounded like I have been under 5 feet of water, so we went in because everyone I talked to, investigators, memebers and everyone told me to go, but Dr. Gomez told me that the inside of my ear had become infected from the cold I had, and the other ear was starting too, so I have been put on medicine, so I will get better, but as I said, "no experience is a total loss if you learn from it" right? I learned to not be so stubborn and go to the doctor sooner. haha :)
      But as you can see I had a mini cambio this week, it was really fun I went to the sector Libertadores, where Hermana Brady and Hermana Mena works, and Hna. Mena and I switched places for two days. It was a lot of fun to work with Hermana Brady, I learned so many wonderful things from her, and I am going to apply them into my life to help me become a better missionary. We had some really great lessons together, and one of my favorites was a contact we did. So there are times when you are walking around and we because we´re human we have to go to the bathroom, and because we were far from our house, we were doing a contact, a lady that told them that they could return the next week, but she was telling us that she didn´t have any time, but Hna. Brady after she heard that was like, alright but can I ask a favor, and I use your bathroom, and she said sure. So while Hna. Brady was using the bathroom, what happens to the other companion? they are sitting on the couch with the familiy :) so as a good missionary I took that opportunity and started to get to know that family and started teaching them right then and there. It was awesome, we taught them about the plan of salvation because there grandma died a few months ago and their grandpa is on his way too, but we taught them about this plan and how their family would be alright if they follow it, the spirit in that lesson was very strong. Like I told you I learned many great things from Hermana Brady this week, and bonus, Hna. Brady cuts hair, so she cut my hair for free, and gave me some layers, it is awesome, especially since it is someone who speaks english and I can tell her exactally what I want :) 
      Well I have learned so much this week. I had some really good studies as I was reading my scriptures, but haha a little glitch that happened this week, which is a bit sad, but we are working on is that, on the way home from the mini cambio and all the hustle and bustle I lost my english scriptures, so right now I am reading in Spanish. I guess the only thing i can ask is pray for me that I will be able to find my scriptures, and if not the people who found them will become converted my some miracle, haha :) No we are working on find them! Miracles happen! :) But this is a blessing in disguise I´m going to get a lot better at reading spanish, I can alright understand 80 to 85% of what I´m reading so hey, hey I´m going to improve a whole lot faster si? si!! 
     I learned so many great things this week as I was reading, and I few things I learned was in D&C 24:7-9, 24 and these are the notes that I wrote down from those verses. "Remember that this is no ordinary calling! This is a calling from God the supreme creator of all things living, and He has given you a calling, don´t worry about the temporal because He will help you, instead always ask how will what I´m doing help me out in the eternities? andifit doesn´t help don´t do it! It isn´t worth it! Trust in God, He will help you through all afflictions and is right by your side. He will magnify your calling if you allow Him too." vs. 24 "Think about how special your calling is! Think about the time you have been saved for! The second coming is at hand and you ahve been chosen out of billions upon billions of people to be here in this time in this place for this purpose. Trust in God, because He has His full trust in you that you can do what He knows you can do." And a quote by C.S. Lewis, "The Lord said we were gods. How long could you bear to look without times lense, on the greatness of your own soul, and the eternal reality of you own choice." Awesome huh!! I learned so much this week, we all need to remember no matter what our calling it, as a missionary, bishop, primary worker, or parent, whatever the calling is, it is no ordinary calling and is a calling from God, and if you put your trust in Him and He will give you the strength to do all that you need to! I promise because I have seen it in my life. Look who as learned Spanish! That is a miracle! Haha. 
    Well I hope that you all continue to do amazing! Remember always how much I love you all and I hope that you all remember that I pray for you always. Please take care and I will write you again next week with more adventures! Love you all! Remember "No experience is a total loss is you learn from it!"
  Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad!
   Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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