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Week 2 MTC - 11/24/11

Week 2 MTC
Place: Provo MTC
Companions: Hermana Thacker and Hermana Latham
Date: 11/24/11

 Hola Mi Familia!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you !! I really hope you all have been having an amazingly, fantastic week and that you having fun with all the family. Things here at the MTC are going so so so amazing can I just tell youI absolutely love this place! Oh by the way Dad and Mom muchas muchas gracia for the backpack, it is amazing and it feels so good not having to carry all the books I need back to the residence hall in my arms, it gets really tiring after awhile! Oh and thanks for the other things that were in the package, i love it! Especially the letters! It is so good to hear from you all please continue to send me letters I love being able to read about what is going on with all of you! Oh and that doesn't just include my family, I'm talking to mi amigos as well, hint, hint! ;) Chiste (which means just kidding in Spanish) because I consider all mi amigos to be amoung mi familia as well we are all brothers and sisters right? Si!!! Oh one thing I would love you guys to send me is pictures!! Por favor!!! I would really like some pictures to put by my desk I have a few but I would love more to look at!

So Dad you ask how the food was here at the MTC? Well actually it is pretty good food when you are eating it but there have been a few days here and there where definilty the food just doesn't agree with you and your stomach hurts, probably because a lot of the food is processed so usually my companions and I try to stay more towards the fruits and veggies and less processed stuff, but other then the stomach aches and amoung other things the food is pretty good.

So I just want to say I absolutely love, love, love my district we have all gotten to know eachother and we have lots of fun; there are seven elders and then Hemana Thacker, Herman Latham and me; and guess what we are all going to Chile! three different missions but it is so cool, four are going to Orsono, four are going to rancaugua (I am not sure if I spelt those right?) and then Elder Judd and I are going to Concepcion and we have the coolest mission! ;) But our district is so tight, "tight like unto a dish" is what we like to say! :) so we are all learning spanish still, and we are all beinning to do very well, some better then others but it is all a process. I'm learning slowly but surely, I think grammer right now is killing me, I'm like Hermana Latham and feel like I need to go back to 6th grade english just to learn grammer principles, but I'm sure and know I will learn it eventually, I just need to learn to be patient. Elder Judd is hillarious though we were all sitting there studying then our district leader Elder Lowery said it was time to sing and Elder Judd didn't know the word sing in Spanish so he was like "Alright it's time to singello!" He adds ello to any word he doesn't know, it is funny and he has the whole district doing it now. We have lots of fun and many spiritual moments together as a district! I just love them!

So guess what? Our investegator Oscar is getting baptized!!!! Ok so he isn't a real investigator and is a teacher here but that doesn't mean the Spirit we felt while we taught him wasn't there, each time we taught him, in Spanish mind you, the Spirit was usually always really strong. I don't know a ton of Spanish to express myself but the most I can do is get him to read a scripture, bear my testimony, and I'm getter better at saying my prayers in Spanish but last night we talk to him about baptism and after we asked him the interview question to see if he was ready or if we needed to teach a little more, then I share 2 nephi 31:10-12 with him, bore my testimony and then I looked Oscar straight in the eyes and said "Oscar, Seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo al ser bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad del sarcerdocio de Dios?" Basically Oscar will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the authorized priesthood authority? and I tell you I felt the spirit very strong testifying to me that the work I'm doing here is correct and is true, it was so amazing is all I can say!!!!

So our branch president, President Hollister, is such an amazing man, and is so intuned with the Spirit, he told my companions and I something amazing he told us "that in the preexistence we were individually picked out of the crowd and placed on a self to be saved for this time to preach the gospel and we each went up to our brothers and sisters and promised them that we would find them and would share the gospel with them. It is so cool to think that the people I'm teaching in Chile are desendents of the lamanites and I'm so excited to go to Chile and share the gospel and through the spirit find those brothers and sisters I promised to find! One more thing President Hollister said was that this was not going to the the "best 18 months of your life," He said the is very wrong, he told us "It will be the best 18 months for you life" and I absolutely believe this so be true and I will be saying from now on that this 18 months " are the best 18 months FOR my life"

AAH I have so much I want to tell you all but my timer is almost up, it has only been a week and so many things have happened, we go to hear from Elder Christofferson on Tuesday and Elder Nelson today!!! I will write more about them next time I'm so sorry I really wish I had more then 30 minute to write it just isn't fun to be limit, But please please please write me I would love to get letters from anyone and everyone of you all, and those who have wrote me I will so my best to write you back as soon as possible, it is realy busy here but I will write when I'm able, Oh and just so you know Pday is on Thursday. aaah time is almost up. ok I love you all so so much and hope all is well.

Hasta Luego

Love always and forever

Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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