Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 3 MTC - 12/01/2011

Place: Prove CCM
Companions: Hermana Thacker and Hermana Latham
Date: 12/01/11
Hola Mi Familia!!!
               How has everything been going for you all? I really hope things are going a bit smoother than they have been. Things here at the CCM are amazing!!! oh and by the way CCM does not at this point mean Chile Concepcion Mission; at this point it still means MTC it is just the Spanish way to say MTC. So I have been dying all week to tell you everything that happened last week with Thanksgiving. Can I just say it was Super, Super Bien!!!! We got to hear from two apostles which is such a treat, we heard from Elder D. Todd Christofferson, and Elder Russel M. Nelson, both of these men and their wifes are so amazing and taught really wonderful things to learn about. Something the Elder Christofferson told us about that I thought was really cool and hadn't thought about before is that; we as missionaries not only have the companions that we are put with during our missions but we also that each member in the 70, the 12 apostles and the first Presidency are our companions as well! Isn't that so cool!!? :) So I have many, many companions!! and Elder Christofferson also told us that they give us as missionaries the Apostolic authority to teach, and we share that authority with them, and I thought that we the most amazing of it all! Elder Nelson also spoke to us and he has a messages for each of you at home that he wanted me to tell you personally! He wanted me to tell each of you THANK YOU! He wanted to thank each of you for supporting me while I'm on my mission and letting me come on my mission to preach the gospel. And I just want to send the love that both Elder Nelson and Elder Christofferson have for each of you!
          So Thanksgiving was awesome, we had a wonderful Turkey dinner and we got to do a cool service project as well, we made 8000 first aid kits to be sent to somewhere in Africa, it was so much fun to make all of those and to talk and sing with all the missionaries, yeah it was awesome they played different versions of primary songs while we were putting them together it was really awesome!! Thanksgiving was great! and I'm glad to hear that you guys had a good Thanksgiving as well!
        Oh quickly I would like to tell you, I don't have many of the addresses for people to send them any letters too, and so if there is anyone waiting for a letter from me and hasn't already gotten one it is because through all the hustle of moving here to the MTC they got misplaced somewhere, so if you could write me a letter so that I have your addresses please, I would really like to recieve some letters it is my only connection to the outside world at this point. Amy and Danny I am in the proccess of sending you a reply to your letters you should hopefully get them by tomorrow or Saturday, and Nanny you should have a letter coming as well. but I really need your addresses if you want me to write you, I'm very grateful for the few letters that I have recieved from all of you. oh and Dear Elder if that would be easier for any of you is a great way to send a letter to me, if you write it by 2:00pm I'll get your letter that night when Elder Lowery gets the mail. It is crazy that we have to wait till 9:15 to get our letters you should have seen the Elders last night, they were litterally bouncing off the walls and counting down as if it were New Years waiting for the mail, and to be honest I was a little of the same way.
Just so that you know I am not able to use the here at the MTC so I''m not really sure how I''m suppose to get pictures to you except for printing a few and sending them to you through the mail. I''m sorry that is is that way, hopefully things will be different when I get to Chile! oh and if you could please send me a pair of shoes that are flats, size 9 or 9 1/2, preferably in black, the reddish shoes that I have, I don''t know why but I have nearly twisted my ankle at least 6 times already and I''m lucky I haven''t broken it yet, the Lord really does bless his missionaries. 
I really hate this time limit because there is so much I want to tell you but I don''t have time, so if you guys write me the letters I can tell you more when I reply back to you. I just want you all to know that I love you so very much and that I miss you all! It is great being here and being able to learn the language, even though it is really hard at times and I feel like jumping out the classroom window, I know this is just a short time and I will understand it as long as I have patience, I''m just still trying to figure out my learning style, but it is coming along real well! Ok times up, Love you all and hope things are going well!
Love Always and Forever, 
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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