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Week 6 Part 2 in MTC - 12/25/2011

WEEK 6 part 2
Place: Provo MTC
Companions: Hermana Latham and Hermana Thacker
Date: 12/25/2011
Hola Mi Familia!!!!!
FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! Ok can I just tell you how excited I am that I am able to write you today!!! I really didn't think that we were going to be able to email home today, but I get to so it is so awesome!!! Can I just tell you I have been having one ablsolutely amazing Chirstmas!!! I have learned so many wonderful things and being able to have my focus completely on the Lord makes it one of the best things that I have ever felt in my life. So last night we have a Christmas Eve Devotional where we started out singing some christmas songs and one of the songs I want to share with you, but before I do I need to explain the computer keeps freezing up on me so I hope that you are able to get this letter because everyone is on the computer right now and the internet is freaking out and pausing every 5 seconds it is kind of making me upset but that is just fine I'm choosing to be happy cause I actually get to write home, think of the positive always and your life turns out so much better then focusing on the negative. ok so the song we sung was "For the 12 days of Christmas a missionary needs" and these are the words I love it!
1. a copy of the Book of Mormon
2 Heavy bags
3 meals a day
4 referral calls
5 golden contacts
6 bowls of ice cream
7 sessions planning
8 teachers teaching
9 sisters singing
10 prayers for blessings
11 Elders preaching
12 apostles speaking
Haha I really liked the song cause it awesome and my companions and I were trying to come up with words and now we don't have to we can just sing it now! :) We sing Christmas songs all the time while we do service cleaning the bathrooms it makes it so much fun and the time flies by in no time and it makes it that much more fun. . After we sung the chritsmas songs we had a little play of the Christmas Story while someone read the words from luke and the other scriptures about Chirst's birth. it was very amazing and the spirit was so strong. Later that night we got to watch a movie!! We watched George C. Scott's "A Christmas Carol" It was a really good movie and we had popcorn while we watched it!!! After the movie we went back to our room and we read the christmas story in luke again as a companionship said a companionship prayer and then we laid in bed with Hermana Lathams christmas tree on and I listened to my companions sing Christmas songs and it was so much fun and a really fun night to lay there look at a chirstmas tree and be together. We then woke up in the morning and took pictures with eachother and opened some of our presents and then we got ready and went to breakfast. So it was so much fun after breakfast we got to go and watch music and the spoken word which was really good I have to admit right now but when is it never good, hmm let me think, oh that is right, never!! It is always amazing and I love the message that is share with the beautiful music. After music and the spoken word guess what we had an Apostle come! It was Elder David A. Bednar and his beautiful wife Sister Susan Bednar!! They had sacrement meeting with us and it was the most elders I have ever seen passing the sacrement there was about 80 elders passing the sacrement and about 15 blessing it. But can I just tell you that Sister Bednar and Elder Bednar's talks were so amazing!!! Sister Bednar talked about Missionary work and how we get to go amoung all nations kindreds tongues and people preaching about the birth of Christ and shouting great tidings of great  joy like the angels at Christs birth. Then Elder Bednar was telling me about testimonys and conversion with in yourself I just want to say cause I don't have a lot of time I need to go but It was one of the most amazing talks I have heard and I will have to expalin more later this week and whatever apostle comes tonight!
I love you all so very much and I hope you are all having an amazing christmas and that all is going well here and I can't wait to call you next month, I will be writing again on thursday! Before I sign off I want to echo the words of Tiny Tim from the Christmas Carol "God Bless us Every One!!!"
Love Always and Forever!!
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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