Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 6 in MTC - 12/22/11

Place: Provo MTC
Companions: Hermana Latham y Hermana Thacker
Date: 12/22/11
Buenos Dias Mi Familia!!!!
FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! wow I really can't believe that Christmas is almost here it is so crazy!! I just want to thank you right from the start, Thank you so much for those packages that you sent me, Oh My that was the biggest stocking I have ever seen in my life!! It was at least 4 feet long if not longer, but it was so awesome to get that and all the treats! I'll admit I did open everything that was in it before Christmas, one becauase mom gave me permission ;) and two she said there was something that needed to be refrigerated so I had to find it, I should have read the card sooner telling me what it was but oops oh well, I loved being able to open all of them! :) Oh and muchas gracias for sending me that music! I'm going to have so much fun playing it!! In a couple weeks Hermana Latham and Elder Stapel are going to be singing a childs prayer in sacrament while I play the piano, they will be singing the first two verses in Espanol and then the last where they combine will be in English it is going to be really cool they are really good so far, I just need to get use to someone singing while I play cause I usually haven't had that happen. Oh so speaking about people singing while I play, guess you just got a calling to be the new piano player for Branch 8? yep that would be me! Can I just tell you it really scared me half to death when they asked me because I'm not the best at playing hymns and the Spanish hymns have a few extra note here and there, but I told them I would and I'm excited for this opportunity cause it will make me better at playing these hymns; and something else so the previous person that played for the Branch was Hermana Waldron and later that night she came to me and handed me a spanish hymn book, she told me that this book has been passed down from each person who has been called to play the piano for that branch and when you recieve it you write you name and mission in the book. So this may sound very weird or it may not, but when that hymn book was placed in my hands the spirit just immediatly came to rushing into me and it was so cool to see all the names written in the book, I am actually number 15 that this book has been passed down too. I'm really excited for this calling and I know that this will be a great opportunity and I know that this will only make me better at playing the hymns as long as I dedicate each and every time I play to the Lord, He will be right by my side helping me play.
So your probably wondering how the goal with speaking todo Espanol week this past week, all I can say is it really didn't go well at all, we as a district pretty much had an epic fail, but this week we made a new goal and we are going to do our best to stick to it and this time there isn't a punishment, we are going to be responsible for our own actions, and just remind others we need to speak spanish on the days we need too, which is going to be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be speaking total espanol the entire day no english whatsoever! So this week I would really appriciate if you could keep our district in your prayers, so that we can do our best to speak spanish, cause I know for me it is really hard I'm getting really good at understanding what is being said to me, but when it comes to speaking it, that is really hard, but I know it will just come with time. I've changed my attitude while here in the CCM, instead of being worried about "I need to learn Spanish, I need to learn Spanish" I'm not going to worry about it I'm going to learn as much as I can as I'm learning it, but my main focus while here in the CCM is going to be learning the Doctrine of the Gospel, because that is the most important thing I can do, it isn't going to matter how well my Spanish is if I don't know the Doctrine and can teach people the lessons and things they need to hear in their life, there is really no purpose to that! I know right now I need to learn how to rely on the Spirit to learn what the needs of my investigators are so that I can fulfill my purpose which is bringing others unto Christ.
Oh so speaking about investigators I just have to tell you muchas gracias for sending those christmans M&Ms they came in great handy when we taught out lesson the other day, so we have been teaching Jorge who is a senior in High school and this last lesson we have been teaching him the Commandments, and I taught him about the Law of tithing, I bet you can imagine what I did! Well I still don't know enough spanish to completely explain myself so i brought the m&ms with me and used them as a visual to explain what tithing is, and you are never going to believe this but when I reached into the bag to grab ten m&ms I didn't notice until I handed them to him that there were 9 green and 1 red it was awesome and so not planned!! but after he gave me the one red one I told him that when we pay our tithing God blesses us with many many blessings and I dumped like half of the bag in his hands, and he loved it!! he was acutally eating them in the lesson and after he was passing out them to other elders saying here eat some blessings!! haha! :)
Ok so I'm running out of time so I just want to quickly tell you that I hope you were able to read what I left you last time if you haven't I hope that you will this week cause it is amazing and I have learned so much, Elder L. Whitney Clayton spoke to us this week in our devo. and told us something that an apostle said, he told us that there are many people who complain that others start Christmas too early, but this apostle said "It is never too early to start celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ" I thought that was amazing let us all remember that this Christmas and remember that Wise men still seek him today! Watch the new mormon message it is awesome. Ok I got to go I love you all so much and have a wonderful Christmas!!!!
Feliz Navidad!!
Love always and forever!!
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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