Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 4 in MTC - 12/08/2011

Place: Provo MTC
Companions: Hermana Thacker and Hermana Latham
Date: 12/8/2011
Hola Familia!!!!
         How is everyone doing? I really hope that everything is going well!!! So this week has been super awesome! Like everyweek is in the CCM. I really can't believe that it is already my fourth week here!! Time is flying by so fast! and yet it isn't. What we like to say is that "the days pass like weeks and the weeks pass like days" it is so true, I mean time here is blended so much that you can't remember if you had lunch or not. Oh by the way Muchas Gracias for the pictures that you sent me!!!! I love being able to see your faces each morning as I'm getting ready! Oh so do you want to know one good things about P-Day besides that I get to write my awesome familia and I get a day of rest, the next coolest thing is that we get to sleep in until 6:30! so it doesn't seem like that much of a difference from 6:00 in the morning but trust me it is nice to have 30 extra minutes to sleep. we usually have to wake up at 6 because a half and hour is definilty not enough time we have figured out to get ready, be out the door and in our class room at 7. so we all decided it would be better to get up at 6 so that is what we have been doing, and it works great!!
       So last P-Day I got to go to the temple!!!! I love, love, love the Provo Temple!!! It is so beautiful inside and I loved being about to go and do an endowment session with mi companions and the district! it was such a needed thing to revitalize myself. I just love being able to go to the temple and do the work that needed to be down for someone who as passed on, it is fun to see the name that you get and while your in the chaple to think of them and wonder about who they were and what their life was like. Which reminds me of something, so on Sunday we has a mission conference and one of the speakers that spoke was President and sister Wilkens, and something that Sister Wilkens said just popped into my mind, she told us that her granddaughter looked at her one day and told her "Grandma I want to be just like you!" isn't that so sweet!!! Then she posed this question to us, which was "What do you want your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren and others to remember you for?" I started thinking about that seriously throughout the week and I'm still thinking about it, but I hope for one thing that they will be able to remember me as someone who was strong in the faith! Which also reminds me of the movie 17 Miracles, which by the way we got to watch here and it was really fun to watch again, we got to watch it on Thanksgiving!! but one part I liked was when the older pioneers were saying things of what they wanted their family to remember before they were gone and it really makes you think, how people will remember you when you are gone and I don't mean just passed away but when you aren't in their lifes any more, such as I'm only going to be in Chile for 18 months and I hope that I will be a good example for the Lord and people can see in my eyes the love I have and the love our Heavenly Father has for them!! President Hollister came and talked to us again, and he is such an amazing man!!! He told us that "You won't know the effect you have on many people until after your gone!" He gave us a hypothetical situation where say I was in a park and was talking to a man whose name is Jose and handed him a pamphlet and we didn't here from him again, but President Hollister said that one day a boy will come up to you and say Hermana England how are you doing? and you aren't going to know this boy but he will say "I know you don't know me but do you remember being in a park and talking to a man Jose? and I'll say yes of course I remember. Then the boy will tell me well that man thought about your messages for many years and ten years after your encounter in the park he decided to learn more about the church and was baptized and not long after found a wonderful woman and was married in the temple and has had many kids and grandkids who have gone one missions and through the temple, and I want to let you know that I am the Grandson of Jose, and I want to thank you for talking with him that day in the park, getting to know him and handing him that pamphlet, He still talks about you!!" When President Hollister told us that I was filled with the spirit with excitement and I'm really happy to be on my mission!!
I'm running out of time, but I just want you all to remember how much I love each of you and how much of a wonderful example that you are in my life and I want to tell each of you personally, dad and mom and my grandparents that "I want to be just like you!!!" I will be writing by responses to all your letters today so you should get them hopefully soon. I love you all and I'm sorry I don't have more time to talk and that this email makes sense as you read it cause I don't have time to look over it. I love you all again, God Speed
Love Always and Forever!!
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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