Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 5 MTC - 12/15/11


Place: Provo MTC

Companions: Hermana Latham and Hermana Thacker

Date: 12/15/11

Buenas Dias Mi Familia!!

How is everything going for all of you? I really hope things are going really well! I really cannot believe that it is already p-day again and I'm writing you, it felt as though I just wrote all of you a couple days ago; again time really does fly so fast here. Things here are going absolutely amazing! Oh so I have to tell you about this goal that we have set as a district for this week! So we made a goal that we were going to habla su idioma, or in other words Speak your Language, and we decided to do it all week at all times, so basically the only times we are allowed to talk in English is when we are getting ready in the morning in our dorms, during class intruction, during p-day, during gym, when we talk to someone who doesn't know spanish at all, and at night when we are in our dorms again, other then those things we have been having to speak todo Espanol!! Can I just say it has definitly been more quite this week than it usually is, but I guess not too bad! Oh and hear this we have a punishment if we talk in English, for every word you say in English outside of time that you can speak, you have to either do 5 situps or pushups for each word you say, and it was sad I had to do about 115 sits ups on monday because I caught myself talking english a little to late to an hermana in another district, it wasn't fun having to do that many in gym the next day, but Esta bien it will make me stronger and will give me the encouragement to not speak english and speak Espanol. This goal will definitly be a really good one for us and I feel it is pushing me to learn more words which is nice. Slow and Steady the Spanish is coming but it will come, I know it!!

There are so many things I want to tell you it is crazy but I know I don't have much time but I will try to the best of my ablility to tell you most of the things. So on Sunday for Relief Society we got to hear from Sister Ann Dibb, the Second counselor in the gerneral YW presidency! She was amazing and I guess I didn't put two and two together but I found out that she was the daughter of President Monson, which is so cool!!! After she gave her lesson about the spirit and that by small and simple things great things come, she spent a half an hour more telling us really amazing things about President Monson, things he likes and experiences growing up with her father! It was so amazing and my testimony that President Monson is a Prophet has grown that much stronger!! and after Relief Society we go to go and shake her hand and talk to her which was so amazing! Later that night for our Sunday night devotional we got to hear from the BYU Men's Chorus and they were ablsolutely amazing with their testimonies and the songs they sing it really brought a strong spirit! And it was nice to hear music because while we are in the MTC we can't listen to our music so it is nice to hear any music when you can.

Oh I need to tell you something very important before I continue, if you send anymore packages you need to send them before dec. 23 they will not accept anymore past that date untill next year I think? but I'm pretty sure that is how it is. oh and I Will NOT be able to call you on christmas no one in the MTC calls home on christmas you call in the airport before you leave so I'm going to need a calling card if you could please send me one cause I would really love to call you before I leave in Jan. it is coming really fast it is crazy!! oh and if you could, could you please send me a copy of the music "Child's Prayer" from the childrens hymn book and there is a music piece called "The Power of His Love" it is on a black contruction paper, and it is either in the piano bench up stairs or downstairs on the piano. if you could find that I would really appriciate it cause I really want to play it for Sacrament meeting and have my hermanas sing along, they sing so beautiful and we want to do something for Sacrament! I really hope you can find them if not let me know, oh and I was stupid and didn't bring the book that has my address in Chile and the check off list could you send that too so that I have the address to give to people here. I would really appriciate it!

Ok really quick before time is up. so On tuesday for devotional we got to hear from Sister Elaine S. Dalton and can I just say she was absolutely amazing and said exactly what I needed to hear, one of the elders in our district called her "the female version of Elder Holland" haha! :) She was so powerful and told us many great things about spiritual gifts and our endowment and missionary work and how they all go together. She told us that Christ gives us so many gifts this christmans season and always with the many spiritual gifts we have or obtain over time. Which is so true. Sorry I'm running out of time so I can't completely tell you all she said, but I would really highly encourage that this week you all join me in reading the Christmas story with me and learning about Christ in Matt. 1:18-25 and ch. 2 Luke1:26-55 and ch 2:1-20, Helamen 14:2-8 1nephi 11:8-23 please join me along and read these this week and I will talk about it next week in what I learend and I would love to hear from you. Sorry times up!!

Love Always and Forever

Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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