Thursday, January 19, 2012

E-mail from Mission Home - 01/19/2012

Dear Hermana England and Elder Judd,

Along with President and Sister Humphrey, we look forward to meeting you in 14 days at the Concepcion airport! We are very pleased to have you assigned to our mission. This is a great time to be a missionary and you will enjoy working in the best mission in the world.

Please bring the Filtration Water Bottle and extra Filter that was given you at the MTC. Though the water supply in Chile is safe, we want you to be prepared for emergencies when fresh water may not be available like we experienced during the aftermath of the Terremoto/Tsunami of 2010.And don´t forget to bring the exercise band, which is a good exercise tool.

Once you land in Santiago, you have a tight connection to make in to fly to Concepcion—2 hours and twenty-five minutes, if your flight is on time at 5:35am.  We know you may not think it is a tight connection, but it takes time. It is enough time under normal circumstances.

Please move quickly through immigration and customs. The last group had two hours and ten minutes. Everyone made it fine. A couple months ago one elder left his back pack in the luggage area and was unable to make the plane.  He arrived several hours later.

Please be wary in Santiago of “helpful” people who may want to assist you with your luggage. They won´t necessarily ask and may begin to take it without your request. Be careful.

This is how it may happen—though they don´t always try... AND probably for the two of you who will be there early, you will have no problem.

They are waiting for unsuspecting travelers as they exit the International terminal and go to the Domestic terminal. Yes, it is a little inconvenient with a couple of suitcases, but it is very do-able. These people are aggressive.  We suggest that you do not let them help you. With your best Spanish, tell them you do not want any help and you want them to leave your luggage alone.  Stay together, if you can. Be firm with them. They are doing it to make money and not just $5-10. It´s more like $150.

Please save the “Republica de Chile Tarjete de Turismo“ that will be given you by the airlines. It´s usually white, pink or blue and will be stamped by the Policia de Investigaciones.   Have your passport handy and your immunization record also. If you have an ipod with video capacity, President asks that you leave it in the office until you have completed your mission. We will keep it locked up for you.

We hope you have a pleasant journey to Chile and we´ll see you soon!

Un Abrazo, Elder y Hermana Clawson

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