Thursday, January 19, 2012

OFF TO CHILE - 01/19/2012

Date: 1/19/12
Companions: Hermana Thacker y Hermana Latham
Place: Provo MTC
Hola Mi Familia!!
How is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing great! I'm so so sorry that I wasn't able to write you last week but we were waiting for our travel plans so we could tell you things and then the computer wouldn't let me in, so I'm glad to hear that you were able to recieve my letter! I'm going to write my travel plans once more so that you have them here too.
Airline                             Flight                               Airport                                Time                               Date
American Airline             3794                           LV: Salt Lake City, UT  SLC       06:55am                         23 Jan 2012
                                                                          AR: Los Angeles, CA    LAX       08:05am                         23 Jan 2012
Lan Chile S.A.                 601                            LV: Los Angeles, CA    LAX        11:50am                         23 Jan 2012
                                                                          AR: Santiago, Chile      SCL        05:50am                         24 Jan 2012
Lan Chile S.A.                 205                            LV: Santiago, Chile       SCL        08:10am                         24 Jan 2012
                                                                          AR: Concepcion, Chile  CC         09:15am                         24 Jan 2012
Ok those are the travel plans again for you all, I got your dear elder letter and I will call amy and danny between 5 and 6 in the morning that way they can make it to school and then I'll call you again when I get to Los Angeles and talk to more then as well! I am so so so excited to be able to talk to you guys! It will be great to hear your voices again! Guess what time I have to wake up though? I have to wake up at 2 AM because my shuttle leaves at 3 AM and it is going to be really weird being without my Hermanas :( I have come to love both Hermana Latham and Hermana Thacker so so much!! There are so amazing and we really grown so close together! but I know we are going to go out and so an amazing work in Chile! Orsorno, Rancagua, and Concepcion are the most luckiest places in the world right now! It is just starting to hit me that I will be actually out on the streets of Chile in less than a week and I will be teaching people. It really scares me because my Spanish is definitly not the best, but I do know so much more than when I came in, I can hold a decent conversation when it comes to the gospel, the grammer is really bad but I have never been the best with grammer and I'm sure it will come with time, I just need to put my trust in the Lord, because through him I can do all things! and if all I can do is Smile and share my testimony that is what I'm going to do because I know it brings that spirit as well! haha basically the first day will probably be me sharing the first vision and sharing my testimony but if I could I would just say the first vision in Spanish for ever lesson because of how strong it brings the spirit when you say it!
Things are going really well in the CCM our district has grown closer and closer and it will be sad to leave them too, but as least I get Elder Judd, he will be a great missionary, all of them will, we have definitly grown into a wonderful family! haha Elders Ralph, Quinenola, and Staple actually came up with a rap for the first vision in Spanish and when they get home they are going to post it on youtube for those who go spanish speaking so they can learn it, it is pretty cool! Our Elders are so funny they have been changing every song they know into missionary songs, i'll have to write some of them down to remember them. Oh and speaking about recording and things I'm going to be recording our Hasta Ver which is when the whole zone gets together to say bye and we sing God be with you till we meet again, in Spanish and then share our testimonies I'll try to record it and send you a copy on a cd after I get to chile or I'll just keep the extra memory card you gave me and put it on there, pero, um I'm sending you a disk with the pictures I have taken here at the MTC there aren't really a ton about 90 or so and don't freak out when you don't see the map picture we are taking that one on Saturday before we leave and it will be on the next disk I send or on the costco account if I can do that! which Dad you'll have to send me that info for that account again because I forgot it, and if you can, could you send a dear elder with all my address information in Chile including the pouch system info because that will save me a lot of money when I'm in Chile it is a really cheap way to write back. Well I hate to say goodbye but I need to go start packing my stuff so I can see how much room I have, because they are strict about weight. Through a tender mercy of the lord my backpack if 17 pounds exactaly with all my books, I'll have to carry both sets of scriptures but I'm going to make what I can fit and things I don't need I'll be sending a package home on Saturday, don't mail it to me it will be too expensive but I probably won't be sending too much home we'll see. Alright I love you all! I send my wishes to all of you and know I'm trying my best to write you back it just takes awhile! Please know I love you I'll be writing on the plane! Take Care! Write again when I'm in Chile!!!
Love Always and Forever!!!
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

I'm going to Chile

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