Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 8 in the MTC - 01/05/2012


Place: Provo MTC

Companions: Hermana Thacker y Hermana Latham

Date: 1/5/12

Hola Mi Familia!!!

How have things been going for all of you this week? I really hope they have been going well and that things aren't as stressful has they have been. This week at the CCM has gone by so fast can I just tell you. I can't believe it is already p-day again, but I'm excited to be able to write you guys! :) Nothing really exciting has really occured this week; it has just been one of those weeks where it has just flown by so fast I really can't remember everything that has occured it just all blends right in together. Oh so liked I told you last week our district had the opportunity to clean the temple! It was so much fun my companions and I cleaned the security office and then the whole main floor where you check out clothings and sit and wait for people and all of that area, it was so much fun to clean and be in the temple. After we were done cleaning the lady who was directing us where and what to do, took us on a small tour of the temple and she showed us the brides room, Can you say the most beautiful, amazing, fantasitc room! It is so pretty inside, it was awesome, the whole day was awesome to spend time in the temple.

This morning we got to go to an early session at the temple because Hermana Latham has a doctors appt. so we weren't able to go at out scheduled time, it was so amazing to go and there was a lady there who was asking the sister missionaries to do her family names and they were Chinese names and the lady I got was born in 1679, man that is a long time ago, and I'm glad I'm the one who was able to perform her temple work! I love seeing names that are very old because you can just feel how excited they are to have their work done! I would invite everyone to go to the temple at least once this next week and do an endowment session or do baptisms if that is all you can do at this time, either one is such a good experience and it is nice to just go and ponder about things that are going on in your life. After the session we went and had breakfast in the temple cafeteria and the food was so amazing! Way better than the CCM food. After awhile the food here just become a routine and you know what you are getting when and it just becomes plain but the food we had this morning was awesome! I'm not saying that I hate the CCM food, but it was good to have a change.

So what else has been going on let me think. Oh so guess what because of Hermana Latham's doctor appt. she is doing alright, it isn't anything major but we need to go to another doctor outside of the MTC so we get to go out into the real world!! It will be fun I'm so excited to see something other than brown buildings all over the place. Just letting you know I love the MTC but it is going to be good to go and see some things I haven't seen for about 2 months. It is really crazy that I have been here that long.

Ok so with the time I have left I just want to share with you something that I have been studying this week in my scriptures. This week I have been studying a lot about miracles and faith. I just want to tell you the Bible Dictionary is amazing! I really had no idea until I started reading it here but there are a lot of inciteful things and it's really good to read. I suggest anyone to read it, especially about miracles and faith. So I'll just share some of the thoughts that I wrote down. I read 2 Ne 26:13 and that is what got this whole study started and it says "according to thy faith" as I read this I began thinking to myself mor about faith; faith is a hope for things that are not seen so when Christ or someone who speaks through the name of Christ and says, "according to thy faith..." For a miracle to occur there must be faith to power the miracle! Faith leads to action, not only action on your part but the action that brings about any miracle. (Matt. 9:22,29) "Miracles do not produces faith, miracles are produced by faith! where there is true faith, there are miracles!" I really suggest all of you read Hebrews 11 It is an amazing chapter that I haven't ready before. "Miracles were and are a response to faith, they were never or are ever wrought without prayer, felt need, and faith. If miracles cease it is because faith has ceased." I just really liked my study and I hope that you all are able to learn something from it, and I really suggest that you all read those scriptures and try to find more scriptures that you can find about faith and miracles that apply in your life and I promise you with the authority I hold as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that Heavenly Father will speak to you as you study with faith and pray to him for any answers that you may have and I promise you will find things that will help you. I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love always and forever!!

Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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