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Week 3 in Chile - 02/13/2012

SEMA 3 en Chiguayante

Place: Hualqui y Tierra Bella
Companions: Hermana Sanchez y Hermana Brennan
Date: 02-13-12

Hola Mi Familia!

¿Como Estan? Hope everything is still going really well things here in Chile are going amazing! I uploaded a  few more pictures for you guys! So I´m just going to say I really think I jinxed myself, because last week I told you I haven´t been bit by any fleas, well the next day I started getting bit, and they itch is all I can say, I haven´t gotten them as bad as Hermana Sanchez, probably cause I´m on the top bunk, but they have started biting. They are mostly on my legs at this point, but I´m doing good at not itching them there are only a few times where they get really itchy, kinda a lot like a mosquito bite, but esta bien, life goes on! It is one of the things I´ll be dealing with for the rest of my mission! :)

    So the reason there are two different places and two different companions this week is because there was a mini cambio and I went to Tierra Bella for a day and Hna. Lopez came to Hualqui. We do mini cambios each week but not always do you leave your sector, this week though I did, and it was fun. I really enjoyed being with Herman Brennan. She is from Utah/Californina, (she says that because her family lives in California and she came to Utah for School) but Tierra Bella is really beautiful, but so, so hot! It has been a killer the past couple days with the heat and the humidity! haha I have started getting the "missionary tan line" on my feet, awsome!! But yeah Tierra Bella was a great place, we taught some really great people and we watched the Restoration movie with them, which was cool cause it was the first time I´ve seen it in Spanish! But it was really great! Oh so you are not going to believe what happened when I was in Tierra Bella! Hna. Brennan and I had just gotten ready for bed and we were just laying down and talking to eachother, and my bed started shaking! Yeah that´s right I experienced my first earthquake! I didn´t understand what it was at first but Hna. Brennan told me. It lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds really not that long, and wasn´t bad, Hna. Sanchez said it was about a 5. but it was kind of weird to experience it, it felt somewhat like a ship swaying back and forth, then there was another little one that happened during the middle of the night that woke me up a little bit, but that one wasn´t bad at all. But really there are no worries, everything is fine and we are all safe! It was just a little shaking! :)

    Our investigators are doing wonderful this week, we have continued to teach Jeremy and guess what he has his baptismal date for this Saturday!! We are continuing to prepare him for his interview, but Hna. Sanchez and I are really excited for him and for his decision! Elizabeth is doing well, she actually hurt her back picking up one of her kids so we really haven´t seen her too much this week because she is resting, but we went to her house the other day and helped her clean. We are also teaching another family Carlos, Catalina, and their sons Carlos Jr. and Ignacio! They are a great family and we are continuing to teach them! All of the people we have been teaching are great, we actually have started teaching Jeremy´s sister Caroline, tambien, and she is really sweet, their whole family is. 

    Ok so I need to share this experience that happened the other day, you are not going to believe, I mean I didn´t believe it happened! So we decided to go visit a lady we taught a while ago, but when we got there she wasn´t home, so we continued walking and we ran into a lady named Maria that we contacted and told her we were missionaries for La Iglesia de Jesucristo, and she then told us that she hadn´t heard of that church before. She then continued and asked us where we were from, Hna. Sanchez said El Salvador, and then I told her, Estados Unidos; now here is the surprize! After I told her where I was from, she looked at me and said, in english, "So I can speak english to you then" That totally caught me off guard because I never thought would happen, haha it kindof reminded me of the best two years! Pero on with the story, I told her sure she could speak English to me, and so I sat there and bore testimony about our church and how it has been restored, turns out she has heard about the mormons and didn´t know it was the same church :) She then continued to tell me how she had been in Chile in ´79 but went to Canada for a while, and then came back just recently and she has had really bad experiences with some chileans and doesn´t trust them, but she told us that she really enjoyed how service oriented that we were and how we cared about people, she said that the catholic church isn´t like that at all and she feels like they don´t care about her, and she wanted to learn more about our church, and she really appriciated that I sat there and listened to what she had to say. We then invited her to church the next day and she told us that she would come. And we saw her the next day, and she sat through sacrament with us, and afterwards she told us that she really enjoyed it, and said that she would be back next week! I tell you this was a milagro! She actually lives in a different sector then us, so we really won´t have the opportunity to teach her everything, we have to call the elders where she lives, but she is such a wonderful lady, and is so accepting, and I can´t wait to see her next week! If the elders where she lives baptize her, I´m definitly going to her baptism! This is one of the first times where I have felt the Lord has put someone in my way that needed to hear from me personally, and It is so cool! It is definitly a milagro!

    Things are going amazing in the house, we continue to have so much fun together! haha this morning I was sitting on the couch and Hna. Kramer was sweeping, I was just about to write in my journal when all of a sudden she screamed, and jumped on a chair, and you can imagine how fast I got up and jumped on the chair in front of me, because she scared me so bad and I didn´t know what was on the floor, but it turns out there was a dead mouse under the couch, and she thought it was alive because she moved it with broom, but I started laughing so hard, and she did too, but she really, really hates mice. After we saw that this morning we deep cleaned our apartment, cause it grossed us both out cause we don´t know how long it has been there, that and there were ants, which wasn´t fun to take care of. Pero, we have some really great times together, there is one picuture I took of Hna. Carmona, it looks like she is holding a lightsaber, haha it is fun what you learn from elders! The elders I was with in the CCM taught me how to take pictures like this, and only they would think us this but they used the lead from the sciptures marking pencils that we have and use that to make it look like a lightsaber. It was fun and she loved the picture. All of the Hermanas are amazing!! and things are going wonderful here.

   Well I think I´m going to end for this week, but remember to always pray and search for miracles because you will find them when you look for them, it happened to me this week! Remember how much I love you all and you are always in my prayers. Take care!

Love Always and Forever!

Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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