Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 2 in Chile - 02/06/2012

SEMA 2 en Hualqui

Place: Hualqui
Companion: Hermana Sanchez
Date: 2/6/2012

Hola Mi Familia!

¿Como Estan? I hope you are all are continuing to do very well. Before I begin this letter I have some really good news for you all, Friday I asked President Humphrey if I could be allowed to use the Costco account to send pictures home to you and he gave me permission! So all the pictures I took in the CCM y a few pictures that I have taken already here in Hualqui should be uploaded and you can go and look at them! :) There aren´t a ton of pictures from the CCM, but I promise I´ll be taking more pictures while I´m here and I´ll upload them each week I´m in here. I hope you enjoy the photos that are there so far though.

So as for this week, I´ll be honest this week has definitly been a rollercoaster ride, it has had it´s ups and downs, but I´m still here and doing well! :) Something sad that happened this week is we lost Fernanda as an investigator. We went and visited her this past week and I didn´t understand much of what happened, but I guess she had some weird dream I think, all I could pick out of what she said was devil, satan, red eyes, and some other words, but it freaked me out a bit cause I couldn´t understand her completely. It was really sad to loose her though, after we left, we were walking and Hermana Sanchez said "Freaking Satanas". I don´t know but I talked to Hermana Kramer about it later and she told me there are some people here and there who have dreams and it affects the work. But I think it just really hit me bad because Fernanda was the first one I really connected to and wanted to help, and it really broke my heart when she told us that she didn´t want to meet with us any more. But hopefully she will remember the feeling that she had when we were there and that another pair of missionaries down the line will be able to help her; sometimes that is how it is, there are just some people you place a seed in and hopefully one day they will accept the message of the gospel.

Ok on to something happy, Elizabeth and Jeremy are doing really well, we have been continuing to teach them, and we left them a Book of Mormon to read. Oh speaking about the Book of Mormon, there was this one lady this week, can you say amazing! So we were out tracting and we stopped by Maria Louisa´s door, she let us in and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and left here a copy and asked her to read it, now here is the amazing part, we came back a day and a half later just to see how she was doing and how her reading was, and she told us that she was already in 2 Nefi 2! It is amazing! I have never read the to 2 nephi in a day and a half, and she was able to give us a summery of things she read, and what she liked, she is really amazing! We are working on finding a time to go and see her again but we keeping going when she is gone, hopefully we will catch her this week. Oh and her yard, you would love it, it is such a garden, with lots and lots of flowers and lavender, and trees it is really beautiful place. And we are also teaching a family who are really nice, Carlos, Catalina and there two boys, they came to church with us yesterday and that went well. The people here are so wonderful! Many of them are really nice and will listen to what you have to say, yes there are some who go crazy and go off about how we worship Josè Smith and other things they think we believe, mostly those are the testigos (Jehovahs Witnesses) and some Evangelicals, but overall the people here are absolutely amazing, humble and nice. One of the new converts that I have really come to love is Jamie, actually there is a picture of him that I uploaded, we are with him and his wife Maria Isabel, haha and there cat Chester! I told him, that I had a cat named chester too and he thought that was cool! I still can´t say too much to him, but I´m learning little by little and he is patient with me! He is awesome!

The Hermanas that I´m with are amazing! We continue to have fun, and they are so supporting and have helped me out so much. Oh by the way, yes I did get baptized a few times this week, although I probably partially deserved one of them, I had just barely washed by hands and went to go dry them off, but on my way to go get a towel to dry them off, I flicked the water on my hands onto Hna. Carmona, haha lets just say, I ran, she caught me and dumped half a glass of water on me! haha it is all out of fun though. Hermana Sanchez is so amazing I continue to learn so much from her cada dia! One thing that I learned from Hermana Kramer this week that I thought was really funny was she told me there are three things that stop the work, 1. Football, 2. Wrong addresses, and 3. Dogs! I haven´t really had to deal with football yet, because it is off season right now, but wrong addresses I have and Dogs! There are so many dogs here, I definitly see at lest 200 dogs a day if not more and if you add that up to a week that is about 1400 dogs! That is a lot! I´m just hoping I don´t get bit, but as long as I watch out I probably won´t. I think the one thing I have to worry about getting bit by are fleas, although to tell you the truth I haven´t been bit by a single flea, I think I got bit by a spider the other day, but no fleas yet! Which is so nice! The food is really good too, no chicken feet! :) and I don´t think I´ll eat any either, Hna. Kramer said she hasn´t and she has been in the mission for over a year, although I hope I didn´t just jinx myself by saying that! No but the food is great I´ve eaten a lot of chicken, rice, I had fish a while ago, haha and you would think I would know how to eat it, no, I probably poked my tongue about 10 times with the bones, haha but it is all good. The soups are really good and they love tomatoes! We eat tomatoes alot, good thing I like them, although they eat a lot of avacados too and those I don´t like, but I eat them anyway, because you don´t want to offend them, because they spent time cooking for you, but it really isn´t that bad, I´m counting my blessings because I could have so much worse. The food is amazing! Things are different here, they have a big lunch here instead of a big dinner, and usually we just have quick snack when we get back at night. But they feed you so much food! and the desserts are good, they are usually fruit, I think my favorite one so far is tootie fruity, it is a bunch of fruit cut up in a bowl with yogurt, it is good :)

Well I think I´m going to wrap up this letter for now and I´ll write more next week. I love you all so much! and I really hope you enjoy the pictures and the things are going amazing for you! Take care, and I sending my love always!

Love Always and Forever!

Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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