Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 4 in Chile - 02/20/2012

SEMANA 4 en Hualqui

 Place: Hualqui
Companion: Hermana Sanchez
Date: 2/20/2012

Hola Mi Familia!

Buenas Tardes! I hope that things have been going alright this week! Even though I´m not with you please remember that my prayers and thoughts are with you! Well ok now on to things that have happened this week!

Here is the one biggest and most amazing, wonderful things that happened this week, drum roll please.... JEREMY SE BAUTIZO!!! That is right! It was such a wonderful day! Oh and I put some more pictures up for you, including pictures from the baptism! But from this whole experience with Jeremy, I know that Satan is out there more then ever trying to stop the work that we are doing, and I say this because he did not want Jeremy to be baptized, we came across all kinds of opposition. Thrusday he had his entravista and things were great and Elder Hafen said he was ready and Jeremy was super excited! Then on Friday we went to visit him again to see how things were, and when he came outside, I knew something was up because the attitude in his face was different, but he looked at us and said, "no quiero bautizmo, no quiero!" Hna. Sanchez and I just looked at eachother and then we asked him is we could come in and talk to him, and he let us. We asked him what was wrong, and he was telling us how he didn´t want to be baptized that he didn´t believe in Jospeh Smith, and other things. We found out the story of why he was saying these things. So after we had left a neighbor had come over to their house, and saw how happy they were and asked Elizabeth what was the happy occasion? Elizabeth told her that Jeremy was getting baptized on Saturday and they were all excited for him. This lady, who is of a different religion, then told Jeremy, she had a revelation for him, that he would have a dream and in this dream some girls would be talking to him in a soft voice, asking him to be baptized, and then she told him that in the dream that if he got baptized he would be marked with the beast. That night Jeremy had a dream that he was marked with the beast and it scared him half to death, so he told us that he didn´t want baptism. Pero we talked with him, and we prayed with him, and after talking with him and Elizabeth, we were able to help him see that none of that was going to happen, and that he knew these things were true; it all started to change when we talked about the temple! I told him in the best spanish I could that this is what I wanted for him, I told him baptism sure, but the temple was the ultimate goal I wanted for him, I bore testimony of the temple and showed him a picture of the SLC temple, and Hna. Sanchez bore her testimony and showed him a picture of the EL Salvador Temple, and from there things changed, and I saw the Jeremy I knew. What was really cool to her, that Elizabeth told her neighber that she was wrong and that our church was right, and she isn´t even a member yet, Elizabeth is accepting it little by little and I know that she will be baptized!

Pero that wasn´t the only obstacle we had to face, on Saturday we had problems with the ward and trying to get keys and other things I really don´t want to talk about, and then we called Jeremy about and hour before his baptism and he told us that he was really sick, and had been sick all morning. Right after that we got down on our knees and prayed that things would be ok, then we went over to jeremys and picked him up, he still felt a bit sick but was a little bit better, but the amazing miracle was when his baptism started he wasn´t sick anymore, and hasn´t been since. It just goes to show that in the end Heavenly Father always wins! No matter how much opposition we face, when we put our trust and faith in the Lord, He will always help us through these obstacles, Always!

So funny story that happen with us this week, so we were at Elizabeths on Wed. and after we got done teaching her, she went into the kitchen and grabbed us some berries that she had picked over the weekend, which these berries were and are so good, we have been eating them in our yogurt which is even better! Pero the funny part is the container she gave it to us in was a coffee jar, which is nothing wrong with that, but we left their house and were walking and about minute of walking, we realized what we were carrying and that there were many people around us, and realized that wasn´t a good picture, because we have been teaching these people the word of wisdom and they didn´t know what was in the bottle was berries, so needless to say we stuffed it in my backpack really fast, because we didn´t want others getting the wrong impression, because people really do watch you here. Pero it was funny at the moment, we laughed about it all night!

Now on to some other things, we are preparing another little girl named Antonnella to be baptised this Saturday and she is very cute and really accepting and I´m so excited for her. Oh and something else, guess what, Maria accepted a baptism date for the 3rd of March! The Elders have been teaching her and they say she is doing great and I´m so excited for her! She is such an amazing lady! We have been teaching many wonderful people this week and I´m really excited to see what with happen this coming week!

Many great things have happened this week, but I really don´t have too much time to write about it, all, cause I need to get going here, because we still have to stop off at the store! But again I hope all is well! Know that my prayers are with you always, and that the Lord is always on our side and has his hand streched out to help us! Have a wonderful week! Sending lot and lots of love!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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