Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 6 in Chile - 03/05/2012


Companions: Hermana Sanchez y Hermana Lopez
Place: Hualqui y Tierra Bella
Date: 5/3/2012

Hola Mi Familia!

         How are you all doing? I hope things are going well for you all. Oh just to inform you, I can´t upload pics this week, I´m in a
computer place here in Hualqui and it doesn´t have the card reader
like the one in Concepcion, so next week I´ll upload them. This week has gone really good, we have continued to meet really wonderful people, and teaching the same really amazing people as well. This week we met two wonderful people, Louis y Adriana, and they are really accepting to our message and they came to chruch with us yesterday and really enjoyed it, and we will be teaching them again tomorrow. One thing that was really funny was when we taught them a couple days ago at the end of the lesson with asked Louis if he would pray and we taught him how and after he was done saying the prayer, a little earthquake happened, it was very little, but it somewhat scared Adriana, but it was a little bit funny that is happened right after he was done praying though. Actually that happened twice this week, we were teaching Erica and as I was saying the prayer and little shake happened durante it. It is a little weird to have earthquakes but it isn´t too bad. I´m just hoping there isn´t another Teremoto, that is what they call the earthquake that happened here a few years ago, that is what i don´t want to happen, but I´m sure that we will be safe, again the Lord always watchs out for His missionaries.

      Another wonderful girl that we have been teaching is Malyori,
and she is doing great, she is actually going to be getting baptized
this Saturday! What is awesome is that she has gone to two years of
institute! She is so ready, and loves to learn! She is really amazing!
It was funny though yesterday there was a baptism for a little girl in
the ward, and we invited Malyori to stay and see what would be
happening this Saturday for her. We it came time for the baptism part, and we were sitting there and as the little girl was put under the
water, I hear a deep breath and I look at Malyori and her eyes are
really wide, and she looks at me and Hna. Sanchez and she was like
"you got to be kidding." There are a lot of people here who are afraid of water, and we found out that Malyori is one of them, but we were able to talk to her, and tell that everything would be fine, and it is just in and out, it would be really fast, and she seems to be ok with it now; I´m just glad we found this out before this saturday.
    What else, oh I had mini cambios again this week, I went to Tierra Bella again, but this time I was with Hna. Lopez, it was a lot of fun and i learned a lot from Hna. Lopez, and i have some good pictures too! But that is why we do mini cambios is to learn from other missionaries, and I have learned quite a lot which has helped me become even a better missionary. This week also is cambios; six weeks is up! oh my can you believe it! I´m not a baby anymore, haha I´m a toddler! ;) I have made it through my first cambio! and I´m officially 6 years old! :) We are still waiting to see if people are leaving from our district, but I´m pretty sure I have one more cambio with Hna. Sanchez, because she is still training me, but you never know, so we will see.
    Oh I got my hair cut today. It have been really hot here, so i
decided to go and get it cut, and lets just say it is a bit shorter
then I thought was going to be, it is about at my shoulders, at least
I can still put it in a pony tail to keep it out of my face when I
want to, but just barely, It is going to take a while to grow back,
but I have over a year! :) Hna. Sanchez says it make me look younger and more my age, I really don´t know what I looked like before, but whatever, esta bien! I´ll send you a pic. next week.

    So here in the mission, Hna. Sanchez teaches me Spanish and I
teach her English. But it is a lot of fun, we read this book I got
from the CCM that teaches us phrases in the PMG lessons, and we have also been reading out of the Book of Mormon together, she reads in English and I read in Spanish, and we correct eachother when we say something wrong, it has been a little slow because I read 2 verses then she reads 2 verses and we go back and forth, we are in 1 Nephi 4 but it has been worth it, we have been taught that if we want to learn a language, if you read the Book of Mormon in the language you want to learn you will find it much easier to learn it! It has been really fun a little by little we are getting better and better! :) But the other day we had daily planning at night after we got home and it was my turn to say the prayer after we were done planning, but before I started saying it, Hna. Sanchez asked me to say it in English, so she could hear how to say it, and here I am thinking to myself, sweet, I can do this! but I start saying the prayer and it was difficult for me to talk in English, i had a hard time not having the Spanish words coming out of my mouth, it was really funny. Kind of like the other day when we were reading in the Book of Mormon, she was reading and she asked me how to say the names of Laman and Lemual, and I sat there for a good minute, I could not for the life of me say Lemual in English, I kept saying it how you would in Spanish, it was hillarious, Hna. Sanchez kept laughing at me, but i finally said it after a minute, but it was really funny that I´m already having a hard time speaking English, I´m going to need help by the end when I get home if it is already starting like this! :)  But back on track, every once and a while I have her pray in English and she is doing really well! 

       The other Hermanas are doing pretty good, we continue to have
lots of fun! Hermana Carmona though hurt her foot again, she had
broken it about a month before I got here, and was on crutches at  the beggining of this cambio, then she was find, and then around wed. they went out to work and about five minutes later as Hna. Sanchez and I were sitting on the couch reading, Hna. Kraemer come throug the door carrying Hna. Carmona, we don´t know how it happened, but she sprained some of the muscles in her ankle. So it has been kind of hard this week, and she are hoping she doesn´t have to go, home because of this, that is the things we are waiting for with cambios! So please pray for her, she needs it, because she does not want to go home, none of us do!

      Well I think I am going to start ending this letter but before I
do, I want to leave you with something that I learned this week. So I
was reading in an Ensign that was laying around, and a talk to return
missionaries, by I think it was Elder Scott, but I can´t remember, but
there was a part that I really loved and I´m going to quote it but I´m
going to change it a bit and you´ll see why, because it is my message to you all this week; the quote is "While (all of you do) not wear the badge of a full time missionary (you all can) possess the same resolve and determination to bring the light of the gospel to a world struggling to find its way." I know with all my heart, and day by day I have had my testimony of members doing missionary work strengthened.  Like one lady with go out with twice, a week, Hna. Erica, she is so cute, she loves coming with us and she actually bought two new dresses so she could come out with us, but her testimony is so strong, and there are times where I know without a doubt her testimony is able to touch peoples where ours can´t. But this is my challenge to all of you this week, BE A MISSIONARY, BE A REPRESENTIVE OF THE SAVIOR, SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! You don´t have to have a black name tag like I do to
share the gospel with someone! Invite someone to institute, to
seminary, to a mutal activity, invite someone to church, do your
visiting teaching and home teaching, if you see or know someone who is having a bad day, or someone who is in need of service, help them out, BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE BELIEVERS, IN THOUGHT, IN WORD, AND IN DEED! you don´t have to share your testimony by saying "I would like to bear by testimony..." Just share simple truths that you know, by your actions, and that is why I say be an example of the believers! There is another quote I recieved from Hna. Lopez this week, "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." (Leo Buscaglia) So this week, pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with someone, and I do not only know, but I promise all of you, that you will find someone that the Lord will put in your say to help, if you look for the opportunity. Remember you don´t have to have a black name tag, we are always missionaries!

      Well I´m going to end for now! Remember how much I love you all, and remember my prayers are always with each and every one of you! Thanks for your prayers of support, I have been able to feel them!  Until next week!

Con Amor Siempre y Para Toda La Eternidad,
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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