Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 9 in Chile - 03/26/2012

Place: Hualqui y Tierra Bella
Companions: Hermana Sañchez y Hermana Brennan
Date: 26/03/2012
Hola Mi Familia!
      ¿Como estan? I hope all of you are continuing to do really well! Things here are going pretty good, there have definitly been some ups and downs this week that I´m really not too excited, first Carlos wasn´t able to be baptized this week because Elder Tueller didn´t think he was completely ready, pero to be honest I had a feeling too that he needed to wait; so we are continuing to work with him and he has a baptismal fecha for the 7th of April! It really is amazing how repentance can change a person, and Carlos is doing well, on his process to changing.
      The only other thing that wasn´t well this week is that Hermana Carmona is going back home to Spain tomorrow. After all the many doctors appts. and tests and stuff to see if her foot would get better enough for her to stay, they found out that she has Osteoporosis! This is so crazy that a girl her age has Osteoporosis! But it is a blessing that she has found out that she has it and they can start taking care of it now. But again it is sad when someone who grows so close to you leaves, I think we all know how that feels, but that is the blessing of this gospel is that we can all be together again. So before she left I gave her my BYU shirt that I have, because she really loved it, and freak I live in Utah and she lives in Spain, so it is so much easier for me to get one, but she really loved it, and plus I really didn´t care if I have a BYU or UofU shirt I only got it because I was in the CCM which is on the BYU campas! ;) haha oh and by the way she baptized me this week, apostasia! I was in bed and she started spraying me with water! Freak, all I can say it is woke me up quick! I´m really going to miss her baptisms! But we both know that this is the will of the Lord that she needs to go home, and we have promised to keep in touch, so it is all good! :) So for the next three weeks I´m going to be in a trio with Hna. Sanchez and Hna. Kraemer, and then after we will see what happens with Cambios.
     But other than that things are going well here. We continue to meet really wonderful people, and our investigators are doing really well, We have the posibility of four baptisms this coming 7th of April. Louis y Adrianna, Carlos, and Elizabeth, So hopefully they will all be able to be baptized. That would be awesome! Elizabeth though we are working with her, to see the importance of coming to church every week, but other than that she is doing well! We have been working really hard this week, and we will continue to be working really hard as always! So continue to pray for us that we can continue to find people and help people progress. 
     So as you probably have seen from the top, I was in Tierra Bella again this week for a mini cambio, and was with Hna. Brennan again! It was really fun, but I thought my legs were going to fall off by the end of the day because we pretty much spent the whole day walking around because either the citas fell or no one would let us in, we only taught 3 lessons the entire day, but hey sometimes that is how it goes. But the whole time I had with her was great! She is so amazing! Haha we have a feeling that there is a high possibility that we will be companions before our mission is up because she only has two cambios more than I do, so we are both pretty new. Oh for one thing I can say, and I don´t remember if I told you this last week, but I really am beginning to hate perros! Unless they are mine, or a little puppy, I really don´t like them because they are always barking at us or this week Hna. Sanchez nearly got bit by one, it is really crazy, I´m just praying I don´t get bit, but there are so many here, and we are doing our best to avoid them. 
    Haha I hope you all are excited for General Conference!! Because I can tell you I am!! Here for the missionarys it is like counting down to the Super Bowl! But I invite all of you to watch it this week, because I know that there is going to be amazing words spoken this week that will bless each of our lives! 
    Well that is pretty much it for this week I really can´t think of much more to say, oh I uploaded so more pictures, there aren´t too many this week, I really haven´t had too much time to take pics. but I will take more this week. Remember how much I love all of you, and that my prayers are always with you. Please take care, and I will have more adventures from Hualqui, next week! 
    Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
      Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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