Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 10 in Chile - 04/02/2012

Place: Hualqui
Companions: Hermana Sañchez y Hermana Kraemer
Date: 2/4/2012
Hola Mi Familia!
           How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing great! Things here are going really well as they always do. There have been many great things that have occured this week. First there was a mission conference for the newbies that have arrived in the past six months, and it was for two days! And this conference was actually in our own language they split the Latins and the Gringos into two different classes, and President Humphrey and Hermana Humphrey taught us all the fundemental lessons that we need to know as a missionary, and we did lots and lots of practicas, basically splitting off and teaching eachother as if we were investigators, but it was really fun, I was paired with Elder Ferguson, because there was only Hermana Brennan and me, President split us up, but it was really fun, because one, I knew Elder Ferguson from the CCM because we were in the same zone, and two it was really good to pretend to be your investigator and try to look at things through their eyes and we were able to recieve inspiration and advice from each other through the Holy Ghost, for them. All I can say though is that the Conference was amazingly great.
          Things are going really well here in Hualqui, we continue to work really hard, and as you can see we are in a trio! Triple the power! But things are continuing to go really well, and we have been working our hardest with people. Louis y Adrianna are doing really well, Louis is so ready for baptism and has a baptismal date for this Saturday!! Adrianna we are working to have her baptised with her husband, but she has a few problems that we need to work through, one she has Santos, I´m not really sure what you call these in English but she has an alter type thing and worships these figures, but we are working on helping her leave these, and helping her gain a testimony of the Libro de Mormon, because she admitted to us that she doesn´t believe in it, and for another she can´t read, so we are contiuing to go by each day and we read a chapter with her and explain it, and hopefully this way she can gain a small testimony, but she really liked it when we came the other day and read Alma 32 the part of faith being like a seed, and then at the end of the lesson we had her pray, it took a while, because she didn´t want to and insisted that we pray, but we all got on our knees and we explained to her, that a pray from a mother for her children is much more powerful than any prayer a missionary could offer for her children, and in the end she prayed, and even though it was short, it didn´t matter the spirit was so so strong and I know that Heavenly Father will help her with her prayer.
        As for Carlos and then Elizabeth, they didn´t come to Conference this week, when they told us they would. That is a major problem that you have to work with here is getting them to come to church, but they both have not been to church for a month, so we are postponing their baptism for another day this month and another thing we are not vistiting them at all this week; now before you say that this is harsh, you need to realize that we pretty much stop by and see them every day, and so we have been figuring a lot about sacrifices, because President Humphrey talked to all the missionaries about it as well as in conference it was talked about, entonces we have decided not to visit them because they need to feel the difference when we aren´t in their life, and they need to realize that we are sacrificing our time, and not only our time but more importantly the Lord´s time to go and visit them. We are hoping by the end of the week, we will know the words we need to say, and help them realize the importance of how we need to make Sacrifices in our lifes to gain greater blessings. So continue to pray for us that we can help them realize this.
       So now on to the coolest thing that has occured this week, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Wasn´t it SO AMAZING!! I absolutely loved all the talks and I have learned so much from each of the talks given. Haha you want to hear something really funny though the very first session I watched in Spanish, because they didn´t have the English set up for the missionaries that speak English! Bueno, I´m not sure how much I completely understood from the first session but I´m sure the Spirit gave me what I needed to know until I get the magazine to read them over again. But Conference was so amazing! I was telling the Hermanas that when I was younger I would complain because conference was soooo long! but know it is like, oh my goodness where in the world time go??? Conference can´t be over already!! NOOO!!! Haha but seriously that is how I feel. But I´m grateful we have to the magazines to re-read them until the next conference, and I would invite you all to do the same and learn how to apply these messages into your life, because remember if you pray to know how to apply it into you life, through the Spirit you will learn how.
      So one more thing before I go, it looks like we are having three mini missionaries come to Hualqui, and they will be doing splits with us for 3 days. AAAH I´m going to be on my own with someone who doesn´t know any English and I will be teaching the majority of the time!! I think you get the drift that I´m a little scared. But I know that this is going to be good for me becuase it will teach me to become a better missionary, and will help this young woman that will be coming to have the desire serve a mission. I know that "I can do all things through the Lord that gives me strength"
     Well that is pretty much it for this week! I hope you all will always remember how much I love you all! I´m so grateful that I have been blessed to have a wonderful family, and friends as all of you. Thank you for all the prayers, we can really feel all of them! Well that is all but remember to keep on smiling! Because there is always a reason to Smile! Until next week with more wonderful adventures!
  Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
   Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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