Monday, April 23, 2012

week 13 in Chile - 04/23/2012

Place: Hualqui
Companion: Hermana Sanchez
Date: 23/4/2012
Hola Mi Familia,
         How are you all doing? I hope that all is going well, things here in Hualqui, continue to do really well. If you want to know the truth right now I can hardly believe that it is Monday again. This week has passed by to who knows where, but that is how it goes at times. First off I need to tell you that P-Day next week is going to be on tuesday, because we have a General Authority, Elder Duncan from the Seventy, coming to our mission to talk to us, and so P-Day has been moved to tuesday, so don´t worry when you don´t get a letter next monday because you won´t, you will be getting it on Tuesday! :) 
        Ok so on to this week, nothing too exciting has really happened this week, but I can tell you I have had experiences that I won´t forget. I have really seen the hand of the Lord helping us out this week. So this coming week, we have planned three baptisms, we have Carlos and his two sons, Carlitos y Ignacio. We are really excited for them, but we also know that this is going to be so much work, each baptism is, and by Sunday night after proselyting and after planning, you just look at your companion and start laughing, because we are both just wasted with the amount of work that we have done, but it is such a good feeling and we are so looking forward to helping Carlos and his two sons enter the waters for baptism together, then we will be little by little working with his wife, Catalina, who is the sweetest lady ever, but is very set it what she believe, so it will just take time. Oh my, something that Carlos did to us this week, so you know how Washinton is crazy and we are really scared of him now, so much that we either have a rock or have to call Carlos to take care of him, but we were walking away after a cita with Carlos and behind us all of a sudden we heard Carlos say, "WASHINGTON NOOO!" You can imagine that we took off like a bullet running, but then we look behind us to see where he was at and we see Carlos laughing his head off, and Washington was somewhere else, laying down. Lets just say it wasn´t funny at the time, but now it is, but a veces Washington is alright, he has been somewhat leaving us alone, we just make sure that we have a rock.
      So like I believe I told you last week, Hermana Joglar has come to Hualqui, and is now companions with Herman Kraemer, so that is awesome, and we are all doing amazing! Hermana Joglar is a really awesome missionary, and now I can actually understand her, unlike when we both first arrived in Chile, I really didn´t understand her too much, and definitly couldn´t talk to her but now it is so much better. We have so much fun together. Oh thank you so so much for the brownie recipie, we have made them twice this week, and they have been our incentive to make sure that we have all of our goals finished by the end of the day, like contacts and lessons with a member, but little by little they are turning out like the brownies from home, because I don´t have measuring cups I have to guestimate, and being in a different country with humidity, but they are working out great, I think the ones I made this morning for some of our investigators is the right batch we´ll see! Cross your fingers :) But we love to cook it is a good awesome thing to do. 
     Alright so let be think, cool experience this week, so we fasted this saturday, because we needed to know which of the people we have listed were supposed to get baptised this week, because at the beginning of each month you make a goal for how many people to be baptised and we felt after we had prayed that there was 3 people, so louis was one, but we falted two, so we fasted, and we felt durning that it was Carlos and his two sons, and there have been miracle of finding them when we needed to because they are so hard to find together, and we knew the things that they needed to hear, and little by little we are working with them, and with others we were able to know the things that they needed to hear as well. There really is a special power as a missionary and how you can tell the things people need when you just listen to the spirit, it is so awesome! and the coolest feeling ever when it happens. I don´t know but that was something amazing that happened this week, and how I have seen the Lord´s hand in my life, and I´m able to see it each and every day. 
   Well that is pretty much it for this week, I promise to have more next tuesday! Remember how much I love you all, which is so strong and can never fail! I love you all and pray for you all every day! Thank you so much for the letters, I ´m sorry that I´m the worst at writing back but please know I´m working on it, I really don´t have too much time, but little by little you all will be recieving a letter. Please take care, and each day please look for the hand of the Lord in you life! I know you can find it if you just look and write how you saw it down!
Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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