Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 12 in Chile - 04/16/2012

Place: Hualqui
Companions: Hermana Sanchez y Hermana Kraemer
Date: 16/04/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!
       ¿Como Estan todos? Ok just to warn you off right now this letter is going to be a little short because I´m kindof on a time limit because we have to leave here soon to meet up with our zone for a last activity because people change for cambios. Yep that is right another cambio is over, it is so crazy, during the cambio it felt so slow, but now just looking it is crazy that it is over and I´m in the third cambio. Cambios here are pretty much like march madness picks, we working on it for weeks trying to figure out which hermanas are going where and whos staying and stuff like that. What is really funny is we all thought Hermana Sanchez was leaving because she has 4 cambios in Hualqui, and that is usually how many you have, but nope she is with me for one more cambio!!! I´m excited, I really believe that the Lord knows that Carlos, his kids, and then also Elizabeth need her, and I know that there are other people that are waiting that need the both of us. Like that one man I told you about last week, who thought I was a testigo, well he is being very accepting to the message that we have and has been looking at different churches for years, so we are excited to teach him, because we know that the message that we have is the exact message that he has been looking for, for years. But yeah so Hermana Sanchez is with me for six more weeks than it is inevitable that she will leave for another sector, because it is very rare, that you have more than 5 cambios in a sector, but hey you never know! ;) But then Hermana Kraemer is with another Hermana, whos from Argentina, Hermana Joglar, she actually arrived the same day I did in the mission, so it will be good to see her again. But yeah that is pretty much cambios right now.
      So Hermana Kraemer almost got bit by a dog this week, luckily it didn´t bite hard and didn´t tear anything. But what is even worse is that Hermana Sanchez was bit by the same freaking dog three days later, but this time the teeth scratched her a bit, but she is alright luckily, and we talked to the doctor, it´s all good. So you are not going to believe this the same day Hna. Sanchez almost got bit by another dog, a german shepard this time! So if you want to know if satan has a dog, we have found it, his name is Washington!! Holy Cow this dog is huge and very mean, and what worse is it is always out, and right next to Carlos´s house because why it is his dog! So it is so hard to walk down this street with out being barked or chased at, but we are being very careful, and we make sure we can see Carlos before we walk down the street so he can get rid of the dog, and tambiem I have a rock in my hand just in case. But no worries like I said as long as we are careful the Lord will protect us.
    So there hasn´t been too much that has been too exciting this week, just a lot of work, haha last night though it was fun, I taught Hermana Sanchez how to play slap jack, because we found some cards in our house, and she loves it, haha but I´m just a little two quick for her! But she loves the game and wants to learn more. Oh and thanks for the brownie recipie we are going to make them soon! Because they are amazing! as you all know! 
     Well time for a quick thought from your favorite missionary! :) This is a quote that I found today that I love! "Live so that those who know you but don’t know Him will want to know Him because they know you" Always be an example of the believers and do all you can to help others want to learn about Christ, remember that everyone is watching and that you are a bigger example than you think you are! Remember how much I love you all and please take care this week, I promise to write more next week when I have some more time! Love you all so, so much, and you are always in my prayers. Take care!
Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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