Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 11 in Chile - 04/09/2012

Place: Hualqui
Companions: Hermana Sanchez y Hermana Kraemer
Mini Missionary: Hermana Penailillo
Date: 9/4/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!
       HAPPY EASTER! ¿Como Estan Todos? Wow this week has been crazy but has been a lot of fun too! We have done lot of work, haha pretty much every night we get home around 10 or 10.30 and we plan real fast for the next day and then collapse on our couch downstairs, it is such a wonderful feeling to be tired, because it is just evidence that you worked really hard that day. So great news! LOUIS SE BAUTIZO!!! It was an amazing baptism, and very spiritual. Adrianna wasn´t baptized with him, because she didn´t feel ready but she has a fecha for the end of the month, and what will be really cool is, that Louis will be able to perform the baptism because he will have the Priesthood, or that is the goal that we are working towards. We are still working with Carlos and Elizabeth, like we said we left them alone for a few days, but then read in PMG that it probably wasn´t the smartest to leave them for that long, after about 4 or 5 days we made contact, and they are doing good. Elizabeth is still having a hard time coming to church, but we are working with her. Carlos actually came to church, and he brought his two sons with him, and some menos activos that live next door, it was amazing and he is progressing really well, and has changed a lot, and tonight we have a noche de hogar with him and his family; hopefully by the end of the month they will be baptized! I´m not too sure if his wife will want to, because she has some doubts, but we are working with her to resolve them. And we have some other really great investigators.
      So like I told you last week, we had mini missionaries this week. This is when there are some young men and young women who was to see what a missionin is like to see if they want to serve one, and give them a little taste of it. Before hand I will be honest I scared myself out of my mind that I wouldn´t be able to do this, and be on my own in hualqui, but when the time came i didn´t have a choice, I had to go out and teach, and that is what I did with a prayer in my heart. But the experience went amazing!!!! I was with Hermana Penailillo, and we worked so well together, and got some good work done. I know more spanish than i gave myself credit for, It isn´t perfect, but it is improving and much better than when I arrived. haha I didn´t think I would be a mom in the mission this early though, haha well I guess more like a foster mom, because it wasn´t permanent :) But we adventured around and looked for people to teach, we had some good lessons. Saturday was weird though, after the baptism we went out to teach, and no one let us in! We taught one lady but it was in the street, and only for about 5 mins, but it was good. Then we pretty much walked around all day knocking doors, but everyone pretty much told, sorry we´re Catholic or Evangelicas, and we don´t want to listen, but we got a few people to accept another day so that we could teach them. haha there was one man that we contacted, and i started off by telling him who we were, but he looked at me and told me he wouldn´t accept anything I had to say because i wasn´t Chillean, and that he knew everything about our church. haha i don´t think he heard me well because he thought we were Jehovahs Witnesses, But I continued talking to him, and he accepted another day this week that we can visit him, so we will see how it goes. But the Mini mission went great. I have made a really good friend, and I know she will end up being a missionary! :) 
     Everything is going well with Hermana Sanchez and Hermana Kraemer, we continue to have lots of fun together. Haha ok funny story, so I woke up tueday morning, and my feet hurt kind of bad, more like sore, and I couldn´t figure out why, but after thinking about it for a bit, I had a thought that I had fallen out of my bed during the night, so I asked Hermana Kraemer, if she heard me fall, but she said, she didn´t hear anything. I still couldn´t figure it out so I went upstairs and asked Hermana Sanchez and asked, ¿me cayo durante el noche?  at first she looked at me weird, and then she just started busting out laughing and told me that I had, pretty much I fell and i landed straight onto my feet like a cat! and then she asked if I was alright and I told her yep, and climbed back into bed. What is really weird i don´t remember it very well, i only remember it because my feet hurt. Yeah but it was funny, lets just say I moved down to the bottom bunk that was empty because I don´t want to fall again, I was lucky this time. :) 
     Well that is pretty much it for this week, I need to get going, we have some things to do to go get ready, like go to the store, and things. Remember how much i love you all. You all are always in my prayers! and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Oh I forgot to tell you, for Easter, we really didn´t do to much, pretty much just worked, and went to church, but we had Chocolate! of course! But it was a good day for working! But again i hope yours went well! 
LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Until next week with more adventures.
Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad!
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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