Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 29 in Chile - 08/13/2012

Place: Cordillera, Chillan Ñuble
Companion: Hermana Steinmetz
Date: 13/08/2012
¡¡¡Hola Mi Familia!!!
          ¿Como Estan Todos? Wow this week has gone by so stinking fast I have no idea what to think; haha before you know it I´m going to be dying of heat in the middle of summer and Christmas will be here! Well this is going to be a bit difficult to tell you a few things that happened this week, because it is like a blur in my brain, haha if you want to know the truth I have my planner open and in front of me looking at what happened :) So lets get going and start from the begining, bueno here we go...
     So Monday, we went to the wonderful Lider, (haha which is walmart basically, lots of great value stuff) because we had to buy peanut butter, because it is so stinking expensive everywhere else, Lider is the cheapest you can get it, and even then it isn´t too cheap, but we are going to start making no bake cookies and leaving them for the less active members and members! :) So we went there, and we also met up with Hermana Brady and Hermana Mena because like I told you they had my scriptures! So haha that was pretty much our p-day going to lider and writing, but after we went out and started working, one lesson though was incredibally powerful with the spirit, that was so not me teaching.
     We went to a lady named Alicia, she is a nice lady, and her kids are members but not her, one because she isn´t married to the guy she is living with, and two she just won´t accept it. But we stopped buy and taught her a bit about the Book of Mormon and we also invited her to baptism, but she told us no, she wasn´t going to be baptized because it wasn´t something that she wanted. So this would be the part that I told you was the spirit teaching with me as an instrument, because I don´t know how the words came out of my mouth. But you know the story about the hearts that I shared in my farewell talk, well a few cambios ago with the help of Hna. Lopez and Elder Tuller we got it translated into spanish, and I have it in my scriptures so that I can share it, something told me I should share it with her, so I read it to her and I also explained how the meaning of the story to me was more that just a boy, and old man and their hearts but was a deeper significance of us, Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and well right after I explained that, I started telling her that we accept the piece of the heart that he has given us through being baptized, and I then told her that she was basically just looking at the piece that she was given by him, saying thanks and then tossing it aside, because she said no. I´m telling you right now Hermana Steinmetz eyes were like "what did you just say" and I was wondering the same thing, because I wouldn´t have said something like that on my own. But after I said, I invited her to take a copy of the book of mormon that we had, I told her on the very first page to write a question she wanted answered, and then to pray and start reading from the beginning, and she started warming up and told us that she would do that, and she is reading. But it was as though I wasn´t teaching that lesson at all, and being able to feel something like that makes you feel a bit humble and privileged to be an instrument and voice box for the spirit.
     Tuesday was a really great day. So the night before when we were planning we had made the goal to teach 7 lessons and find 2 new investigators that next day, and Hermana Steinmetz started looking at it, and said she didn´t know if we would be able to do that because she had never had that many before. So here goes that spirit thing again because I´m ususally not this blunt, (which buy the way has happened a lot this week) but I looked at Hermana Steinmetz and asked do you have faith? I then showed her the pictures that we put on our planner, they are both a picture of Christ, hers of Him as a Shepard, and me with his Resurrection, and started explaining that because he over came death and the death of all men, all things are possible, and if we just have a little faith and put our action into place and work hard we could do it, I promised her, then we got down on our knees and I said a prayer asking for his help because we needed it, and told him that we had faith, and we would do all we needed to. And at the end of Tuesday, guess what, WE DID IT!!! We taught 8 lessons that day, and we found 4 new investigators. It was a great learning experience for the both of us, and we have learned that it just takes faith, patience and action on our part to have a miracle take place.
      Wednesday, was a really good day too, we had interviews with President Humphrey, which is always amazing to have, he is such an amazing guy and very spritual. We also had classing with the assistants and Hermana Humphrey and learned some really good things. One thing got me a bit scared though, so there are 5 new hermanas coming this next cambio, which is next week, and Hermana Martinez was like "usted va a entrainar, usted va a ser una mamá" basically saying I was going to train this next cambio. But we are not sure because I was sure that I was going to kill Hermana Steinmetz because she only has one cambio left. But because the last cambio was just a simple switch of Hermana Rojas and me, this next cambio is going to be crazy and we don´t know what is going to happen! So I will let you know next week!
       So just a few more stories, sorry I´m running out of time, we just saw the time, and we need to hurry home, but we found some great people this week, we found Patricia and Mateo, who are a mom and son, we found them cleaning out their car, and started teaching them, and they invited us back this week :) But after we were done teaching them, we invited Mateo to help us with a service act, we heart attacked the neighbors door (who is a less active) and left an general conference ensign too. But Mateo helped us put all the hearts on very quietly, then we had him ring the door bell like crazy and we all took off running. Haha he loved it so much, and I´m sure the mom loved it too, to be able to see her son doing service like that! (and a good note for us!!) because she is going to remember this always! :) Also this week I gave my very first talk in Spanish! It was great! I talked about service and charity, and how we need to always serve and help others, it didn´t go as bad as I though it would, my spanish has improved a whole lot since my first weeks here! haha and this won´t be my last talk in Spanish! So I´m really excited for the next talk! :)
      Alright so a spiritual thought really fast before I take off. So I was reading my scriptures this week (haha in spanish :) ) and I found a really cool scriptures, it is in D&C 39:10, and then 11-13,15. But in 10 it talkes about after baptism and we have recieved the Holy Ghost we will "recieve a blessing so great as you have never known." I just sat there and I started to think about was the greatest blessing it that we can recieve, so great that we have never known, and as I sat there thinking, something told me to keep reading, and I did, and found my answer in 11-13 and 15 and it talks about how we have the great ability to go and preach the gospel, and to share the gospel. That is the great blessing, once we have recieve the gospel, we must then go out and share it whether it be as a missionary, acts or service, or whatever way you can think of, we have HIS BLESSING and HIS HELP to go and share this gospel. This week I have learned that as long as we have His help all things are possible and we will be given the ability to share this gran message! 
     Well that is that is it for this week! I really need to get going. We are going to learn how to make bread from Hna. Myrium, the lady that is renting the house behind hers to us. She is so wonderful I love her so much! and this isn´t any kind of bread, it is one chillean bread, and two Hna. Myrium´s bread! So I´m excited! Well I hope you always remember how much I love you all and that I hope that you remember that I´m always praying and thinking about you all always. Thanks for all you do! I apprciate it all! Now go out and share this great message with others! He will help you! Until next week!
    Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad
     Hermana Aubrey Jo England 

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