Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 30 in Chile - 08/20/2012

Place: Cordillera, Chillan Ñuble
Companion: Hermana Steinmetz
Date: 20/08/2012

Hola Mi Familia!!!
             Wow this week, I don´t know were the weeks are going, but they just keep getting faster and faster! I really mean it, look at what pasted by this week, I hit nine months in the mission, NINE MONTHS!!! I´m half way through! It is so crazy, and I don´t know if I´m liking that it is passing so fast, not that I don´t want to see you guys, it is just the blessing that happen here, and the things that I am learning are so numerous that I can´t count it all. This week has been filled with blessings and fun times, that I will never forget! Everything from taking great pictures, and falling and breaking my chair, haha to wonderful miracles that occured with obedience, and I will explain all of that in a minute. Ok so for the news that you have all been dying to hear what in the world is going to happen with cambios, ready for this!!!!! I am moving super super far away!!! It takes about five buses and a long walk to move all my stuff over one room in the house! :) LOL that is right I got moved over to Agronamia, and my new companion will be Hermana Martinez. It was so funny when Elder Carvajal call this morning and I answered and he told me to prepare to move super far away, and I´m thinking great I´m going all the way to Curico (Which isn´t bad Hna. Kraemer don´t freak out) but it would have been hard to leave after 6 weeks, then he started laughing and told me I was just moving over to Agronamia.
      So I will be in the same house just one room over, and Hermana Steinmetz is going to train!!!!!! It was so awesome to see the look on her face when I told her. I was on the phone and when Elder Carvajal told me, and she was praying, and when he told me, I shouted NO WAY, and she bolted off of the ground after  the amen of her prayer and was like you tell me now! She is still in a little bit of shock, but it is funny! She will be a great mamá. I have learned so many wonderful things from Hermana Steinmetz and I have gain a life long friend as well, we have become really close, and I think the Lord knew that we must have learned all that we needed from each other so it was time to split us up to help others :) so I´m excited to work with Hermana Martinez, she is the cousin of Hermana Sanchez! Haha now I will have double the reason to go and visit, El Salvador (hint hint mom and dad) Lol Just kidding, but I will let you know more about her next week.
      So some of the funny things that happened this week. So as you know I had nine months in the mission, and so what picture do you take when you hit nine months, that it right the pregnant picture, haha it worked great that all my tshirts are really big on my now because I have lost a good amount of weight, but I will send you the pictures next week, because with all the hustle and bustle this morning I forgot my cord to download pictures so I will send them next week. And like I told you I broke my chair yesterday. Yeah so we were planning last night and I just had a little shiver because I was a little cold, and Hna. Steinmetz got up to turn on the heater, but I told her no, and she told me yes, so I grabbed her arm, and I was trying to stop her as I was balancing on the chair, haha yeah lets just say, the legs broke and I went crashing down flat on my back, haha I couldn´t get up for a good 5 minutes I was laughing so hard, and because the air got knocked out of me. Hna. Steinmetz told me it was payback from God because I wouldn´t let her serve me! haha lets just say I learned.
     That and I did a good face plant this week and we were doing service and got a good scrape on my knee. So there is a less active member that we found this week, that doesn´t have a job, and not so much food. So after lunch one day, the memeber gave us extra bread and some cookies, so we decided to drop it off and give it to fabiola, so I put it on her door, knocked and ran, and lets just say I fell. But I got up really fast and we started walking away, and you could hear her behind us shouting "Elders, Elders" yeah we explained that we weren´t elders, but she was very grateful, and she gave me the opportunity to chop her wood!!!! Yes Finially someone who would let me do it!!!! She loves me know because I was able to do it! and now she isn´t cold!
      So you want to hear something really cool, so we had a noche de hogar (Family Night) with Fabiola yesterday, and she invited some friends and we got to teach them. The cool part is, Fabiola´s cousin who lives in Santiago came to visit and was there for the Noche de Hogar, and you will not believe this, SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH!! and what is even cooler, guess where she lived for ten years, that is right UTAH! She isn´t a member, but she is a really wonderful lady, and we had a good time talking about utah, and things that we loved. She was a CNA for primary childrens hospital for a long time, and lived in Sandy and lots of other cool things. She told me it was really good to speak in English again, because little by little she has been loosing what she has learned, so I promised her that I was going to write her in English so that she could read, and then write me back, and keep up the practice. And I told her about the power the book of mormon has to help her strenghthen her english more, and how I learned spanish really fast by reading the book of mormon, and she was like yeah of course, I would love a copy, so now we have her address in Santiago, to send the missonarys and I´m going to write her, it is so cool. It really is a small world after all, isn´t it!
        Some other cool things that have happened this week, is we have made Apostasy cookies! So let me explain, so we have the recipie for No Bake Cookies, and so to teach the apostasy we decided for a NDH one night that we would cut up the recipie and tell them to put the recipie together and make the cookies, and we weren´t going to help them. And the great part is they don´t know how to make the recipie because they don´t make them. So you watch them struggle to put it together and you keep telling them nope it is wrong, they finally give up and then we explain to them that it is hard to put something together that you don´t have the original recipie too. We explained after the death of Jesus Christ and His Apostles that is what happened the recipie was cut up and everyone tried to make it their own, but the cookie just didn´t turn out (and as we know no bake cookies don´t work if you don´t follow the recipie) So we explained about the restauration and how God had revealed the original recipie again through a prophet to guide us to make the correct cookie. It was a lot of fun and we have done it multiple times this week and people understand the great apostasy and the restauration through it. So now Hermana Steinmetz and I call them Apostasy cookies and not No Bake Cookies! LOL :)
     Well so to wrap it up, I´m going to tell you that miracles happen. Hermana Steinmetz and I have seen great miracles this week together, our numbers this week sky rocketed from what they were. What is the secret, obedience and faith. On tuesday for zone class, they gave us a challenge for the rest of our mission we would not loose a single day where we didn´t have a companionship study and a personal study, which is two hours of study, they told us even if we had to wake up early and sacrifice time to do it, do it. So Hermana Stienmetz and I promised to do it, and when Sunday came around we saw that we wouldn´t be able to study the two hours and leave to find Loretto and Bruno to come to church, so we sacrificed time and woke up at 5:45 and started studying at 6 until 8. And by the end of the day/week you wouldn´t believe the miracles that we saw we found 18 new investigators this week (The most I have ever had), and other great things, and all because of our obedience. Which goes to show, if we are obedient to what that Lord askes and do our part, He is obligated to do His. DO YOU BELIVE THIS? Because I sure do, and I promise you all that as we follow the example of Jesus Christ and do what He showed and told us to do we will see miracles in our lives. 
    Well I´m going to end the letter for now, and I will write again next week which more adventures, from a new sector. Remember always how much I love you all and I´m thinking and praying for you guys always! Please take care. 

    Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
    Hermana Aubrey Jo England  

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