Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 33 in Chile - 09/10/2012

Place: Agronomia, Chillan Ñuble
Companion: Hermana Martinez
Date: 10/09/12
Hola Mi Familia,
              ¿Como Estan Todos? Sure hope that things are going really well! Things here today are going much better, this week has been a roller coster ride of emotions but like I said much better, and I´ll explain more at the end, because it is a part of the spiritual thought. But this week so many things have happened that it is hard to keep track at times, haha I have my planner in front of me again :)
      There was a mini cambio in Cordillera this week, Hermana Steinmetz is area sister, so she is in charge of helping mini cambios with 3 different sectors, and this week there was the mini cambio with Cordillera and Libertadores, and Hermana Brennan came to be comps. with Hna. Steinmetz, it was good to spend time with her again, she was one of the people that saved me from going crazy (learning spanish) when I first got here, and being on opposite sides of the mission for nearly six months I´m sure you can see why we had a good time  being together again. Oh which reminds me of something cool that I figured out this week, I figured out how to make microwave fudge, and don´t laugh, but I couldn´t figure it out for the life of me, took 2 trys to do it, but know I know how to make it, and the chileans love me for it! :) Only thing is it is a bit expensive because chocolate is pretty expensive here, so it is only a once and a while thing, but I made it for the second time on monday and when Hna. Steinmetz and I saw that it worked out we were jumping around the kitchen and then ran to have our latin companions try it, they loved it! :)
      Hermana Martinez and I continue to do well together, sure we have disagreements but they are always worked out by the end of the night. We have really grown close together this week, and I know that we are going to continue to grow close, which will help us become even a more powerful companionship! :)
      So pretty much this week with our investigators many of them don´t want to listen to us, or are never there, so we have had to drop a lot of them, and we have dropped Fabian as well, because we passed every day this week, was never there, and when we called to ask when we could pass he told us a time, we went and wasn´t there, so we are putting him on the back burner pretty much because he just doesn´t want it, and we need to be using that time to find the people who do, so that has been a down fall this week that we don´t have many investigators now, but we are still working.
     We are still teaching Marisol and Fransico, I don´t know if I told you about them, there are an couple that are living together, and like pretty much all of the investigators we have found, we need to help them get married before they can be baptized, but Marisol is so sweet, and is progressing pretty well, this week has been a bit hard for them, they are being kicked out of their house, so they are looking for another, and they also called us this week, and there was a fire in the next door neighbors house, and it burnt the outside part of their house, luckily it wasn´t any worse. But last night Marisol told us that her neighbors were telling her to not let the Mormons come because that is why the bad luck is happening and why her house got burned, but Marisol told us, "I was thinking about that and I thought no, look my house barely got touched, it could have been worse, but I´m safe, and things are alright." GO MARISOL!!! She really gets it! She understands that we bring a good message and the spirit and that as long as she reads, prays and goes to church things will be alright, they won´t be easy but alright! So we are so excited for them, and are trying to help them get married, Marisol just needs confidence in the marriage part and in Fransico, but little by little.
     Well that is pretty much it for this week, so on to the spiritual thought, so like I told you this week has had its ups and its downs, I really seriously felt that I was being attacked from all sides this week spiritually speaking, something was trying to bring me down hard, and to be honest it nearly worked a little bit. Our numbers haven´t been good this week, we dropped about 70 percent of our investigators, and it has been hard to find people this week, and there were probably times where I didn´t give my all, so you can see how I got put down, but it all changed I think it was Saturday night. So as you know Hna. Daglio was in Agronomia before I got there, and so now I´m in the bottom bunk bed that she slept in before she left, well on the wood in glow in the dark paint she put the words "Fe en cada paso, se fuerte" which means "faith in every step, be strong" And saturday night when I really felt down, I looked at that, took my flashlight, charged it up, and just layed there staring at it in the dark until I fell asleep. It was that saying that she put there that changed my whole week, to always remember to have faith in the Savior in each and every step, even if we are not able to see the next step in front of us. As well on each of my planners I have been putting a picture of christ, which helps me realize each day that I am His representive and that He is with me every step. So that would be the challenge I am giving you, keep having faith in every step and be strong, no matter what comes because you will always be able to see the blessings after the trial and HE WILL GUIDE YOU! I promise and testify of that!
     Well that is pretty much it for this week, I promise that there will be more adventures from Agronomia this next week, many more adventures, because it is almost the 18 de Septiembre, which is there independence day, and it is a week long celebration, and it will be starting at the end of this week. So wish us luck! Remember always that I love you all so much, I´m always praying for each and every one of you, and I´m so grateful for all that you have done and are doing for me! It means to world! Well like I said more adventures next week, but until then.
   Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
    Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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