Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 43 in Chile - 11/19/2012

Lugar: Agronomia, Chillan Ñuble
Compañera: Hermana González
Fecha: 19/11/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!!
       ¿Como están todos? Another week and year has just flown by! It was so crazy on friday to think that a year ago I was a scared little missionary that didn´t know any Spanish, entering into the MTC. I really have no idea where time goes, and Hermana Brennan and I were talking today, and she basically looked at me and told me that I have had the fastest mission, she couldn´t believe that I have had a year, when not that long ago we were in Tierra Bella together on a mini cambio, the both of not knowing a ton of Spanish, her with only three months in Chile and me with three weeks! but we survived and taught all we could, the gospel. So many memories to think about!! :) But like I said this week has gone by really fast again, so I´m going to do my best and give a summary of somethings! Here we go! :)
      First things first, Jasna! :) We have a great possibility that she is going to get baptized this week, and we are so excited! because this week be my first baptism in a while. Jasna is doing really good! This week we taught her the word of wisdom, and she had a problem with smoking, tea and coffee, and she has had a little bit of a hard time dropping it, but she is doing great now because we bought her Ecco (café of wheat), herbal tea, and we also bought her many suckers to have in her mouth; haha she looked at me and told me with a smile, "yeah your taking away my cigarettes and turning me into a diabetic!" There have been so many miracles with Jasna, we have started visiting her everyday to make sure she is alright, and on Friday we had an amazing lesson with her! she has been having a lot of stress and started smoking more, so to help her out we went over with Hno. Rudy our mission leader and we talked with her and taught better about having faith through opposition, then Hno. Rudy gave her a blessing to help her out. She told us the next day that she had never had the feelings that she felt before, she said all the feeling she felt during the entire blessing was in her heart, and it was something she couldn´t describe, and we told her that was the spirit! We are so excited for her, and we are going over tonight and we are going to do a Noche de Hogar with them! So please continue to pray for Jasna, that all will work out well this week! :)
     Well things have changed in the house a bit we have a new missionary! On Tuesday we were with Hna. Bowns because the flight of the new missionaries got delayed because of difficulties, so it was good to be in a trio for a while, we has a good day, and did some good contacts. We found one family that has like 40 chickens, that is counting the little baby chicks, it was crazy, but really fun to see, haha reminding me from when we had chickens! But so the new hermana came on Wednesday, her name is Hermana Burgess, she is from Logan, UT and she is doing well. We got to see her in English class, when we went, she knows much more Spanish than I did when I got here, I´m telling you they come more and more prepared! But we are all doing well in the house!
     Pretty much this week Hermana González and I are in the process of finding new investigators to teach, it has been a little hard I will have to tell you that, but we are still working on it, haha it was really funny yesterday one contact that we did, we contacted this lady, and she looked at Hna. González and told her, "you speak very good Spanish where did you learn it!" and she told her that she was from Argentina she speaks Spanish as her natural language. We don´t know if she understood very well but said it again, you speak very good Spanish! And I´m standing there telling her, "She speaks Spanish, she doesn´t know English, I speak English and learned Spanish." But it was really funny the whole contact, we were laughing about it the whole night, "haha Hna. González you speak very good Spanish!" :) Adventures of the mission, aren´t they great!
      Well that is pretty much all that I can think about from this week, when thing pass so fast it gets a little hard, but time for the spiritual thought of the week! Well I have been sitting here looking at a few Mormon message about gratitude, I kind of forgot that it was thanksgiving this week, because one they don´t celebrate it here, but as I have been thinking about thanksgiving, really one word comes into my mind and that is gratitude, that is what this whole day is about is giving our thanks for the daily blessings that are in our life, and yes there is always something that we can give thanks for daily if we look for it. I just watched a Mormon message of President Eyring "oh remember remember" and he talked about and experience in how he would everyday (without missing a single day) pondering the question, "Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch me?" and he talked about that as he pondered and prayed about it, with out fail many many times he always found something that he was able to give thanks for! I loved his message and how he talked about asking that question, and "Did God send a message that was just for me? Have I seen His hand in my life?" I promise each and everyone of you that it is possible to look and find at least one thing that we are grateful for! and how the Lord has blessed our lives! Remember always as well, "No experience is a total loss if we learn from it" There is always something to be grateful for, because all we have, ALL OF IT, if from a loving Heavenly Father whose solo purpose and plan is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of each and every one of us!
      Remember always that I love and am so grateful for each and every one of you! I really can´t believe it has been a whole year away from you, and I say this with tears of gratitude in my eyes, THANK YOU!!! Thank you seriously for all that you have done, are doing and will do for me! Your examples have meant that world to me, at times we don´t realize how important something is to us until it is gone and we don´t have a daily access to it! Remember that I pray and think about each and everyone of you daily! I´m extremely grateful for all of your letters and love, and I promise to send another letter with more adventures this next week! Love you all, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Eat lots and lots of turkey and wonderful food for me!
    Con Amor Siempre y Para Toda La Eternidad!
     Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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