Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 58 in Chile - 03/04/2013

Lugar: Libertador, Chillan Viejo
Compañera: Hermana Morán
Fecha: 04/03/2013
Hola Mi Familia!!!!
            ¿Como Están Todos? I really hope that things are going well for you all! Things here are going really well, and I have had so many adventures this week, haha but it has been super great! We just had cambios so things have been a little bit crazy but we are getting back into the groove of things little by little. But so you are all probably wanting to know who is my new companion and a little bit about her right! haha well Hermana Morán is SUPER BUENA!! She is from Guayaquil, Ecuador! She is from a family of 8 and she is the 2nd of 6 kids! I also learned that her parents were mission presidents a few years ago in the Santiago East mission! And just like Hermana Peña she speaks English because she studyed in BYU for three years. She has so much animo to work and we are so excited to keep working together and watch miracles happen! But that is a little about her! Ok time to remember a few things that have happened throughout this week, I promise that I will try to remember, but please have patience with me like always. I have been a little sick; Hermana Morán was sick when she came because of some virus in the MTC, so lucky I have been able to share it with her, but little by little it is getting better! Ok enough of that, on to other things!
            So this week we have been teaching some really great people! We are continuing to teach Iris! and she was able to come to church this week!!!! We were so excited for her and little by little we are continuing to prepare her for the 23 to be baptized! She is super buena and very accepting! We are also working with Carmen still and she went to church for her 2nd time this week, and has just loved everything that we have been teaching her! and I will be sharing another experience about her in the end of my letter! We are also working with a less active family (familia Arriagada) and we are helping them become active again and as well prepare the dad and their daughter, because she turns 8 in may and we are preparing them both so that they dad can baptize his daughter and then preparing the family so that they can go to the temple to be sealed! We are so excited for them, because we know it is possible just take a little bit of preparation. I was able to see Maggie and Jorge, who is a family from Agronomia, they came to our stake conference and I was able to see them! They were the family that we helped be sealed with there kids, so that is how I know that it is possible, but it was so great to be able to see them! We were also able to have a great time this week with the Familia Vejar! But we went over to their house to have our correlation meeting and to talk about things about the work, and we taught hermana vejar how to make donuts! Everyone loved them but it was a ton of fun to go over there and strenghthen the work and the family!
            We had a really great opportunity this week, we had our stake conference, but it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City, especially for the south of Chile. We has the opportunity to hear from Elder Corbridge, Sister Burton, Elder Anderson, and President Monson! It was cool to hear Elder Anderson talk in Spanish!  It was so cool and there were many wonderful things that they all talked about! They talked about the Atonement, about how we need to put all our faith in Jesus Christ and become more like him, talked about Tithing, and President Monson talked about how we need to love others as Christ loved! Then he told many great stories as he always does. But it was a really great experience to hear from them, and to have Iris and Carmen have the ability to hear from the Prophet!
           Ok well I am kind of running out of time because we are going to go out to lunch with our zone! We are going to the Fuente Alemana (haha I know you love that place Hna. Breannan!) But before I end as always a spiritual thought! So like I told you we had an experience with Carmen that was really cool. So we went over one day this last week and we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and as we told at first what it was and that Christ visited the Americas after His resurrection, she was telling us no that didn´t happened it couldn´t! But calmly we started explaining to her about it so that she could understand, and as we were teaching I had the impression to read to her the part about when Christ appeared to the people, and I hardly ever do that, I usually leave it so that they can read, but because of the impression I told her I wanted to read the experience to her! And as I read 3 Nephi 11:6-17, you could feel that spirit very strongly! and when I was finished we asked her how do you feel? she then responded that she felt really good, then we asked do you believe that he came here to the Americas? and she said yes! I believe! and I know that He will come again! It was such an amazing experience and I was so grateful that I follow that impression to read it to her, but I know that not only testified to her that the Book of Mormon was true, but it also re-testified to me that it was true! I know that the Book of Mormon has so much power and that this book is 100 percent another testament of Jesus Christ that they we are able to come close to him when we read the Bible and the Book of Mormon together! I would like to leave you all with a challenge, and this challenge is to read that part in 3 Nephi and then Moroni 10:3-7, and I would invite you all to take the challenge or Moroni and ask if the book is true. It doesn´t matter if you have asked before or not, it is always good to continue to ask and re ask to reaffirm what you know! And I know He will answer because He did this week for me!
       Well that is pretty much it for this week! Remember always that I love each and every one of you so much and I am always praying and thinking of you always! Love you tons and I will return next week with many adventures from Chillan!!!
     Con Amor Para Siempre y Para Toda La Eternidad!
      Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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