Tuesday, May 1, 2012

week 14 in Chile - 05/01/2012

Hola Mi Familia!
      ¿Como Estan Todos? I hope that you are all doing a little bit better, and I know that this week has been hard for all of us, but just remember with the Plan of Salvation that all will be alright and that we can find a peace and strength through our Savior Jesus Chirst, I have been relying on  this power this week, and I can be a first hand witness that it really is amazing to rely on Him for everything, because He knows how each of us feel, and is there to bear us each up. So no worries I´m doing fine, I have a lot of support here the Elders and Hermanas here are amazing we are one big happy family, and I have the support of one more angel in my life. I´m glad to hear that the video worked out really well, and that you were able to put it on a DVD to view it, prayers are really answered, because I was praying that it would work out, because I promised her, and I wasn´t about to break my promise. But I´m glad the whole funeral went well and I hope that everyone is the family is doing well, know how much I love you all so much, and that I have been able to feel all of your prayers, and I hope that you all know that I pray for you all the time.
      Ok on to this week! So guess what! Drum roll! CARLOS SE BAUTIZO!!!! that is right we had a baptism and it was wonderful. The whole thing was amazing and the Spirit was very strong! Carlos´s two sons weren´t baptised with him but we are still working with them, and now Catalina his wife, little by little she is softening more. The other night we were talking to Carlos and Catalina and teaching them how their family could be together forever, and that they could have the opportunity to be married in the Santiago Temple, and be sealed as a family forever, haha when I bore my testimony I told her, that yes it seems like we talk a lot about baptism but it is only because we know that it is the door to find the path to lead to something much greater which is the blessings in the temple, it seemed something that Catalina was interested with, so as I said little by little we are working with her and hopefully, she´ll feel the spirit and she can see the wonderful blessing that are in this church.
      I have been a little sick this week, but you know how I usually get sick at least once a year with this cold stuff, but I´m taking care of it and things are getting better, with rest and the medicine. Haha today I slept until 9:30 so crazy cause I haven´t done that for a long time, but my body needed it, and I feel much better now, Nothing can stop this missionary from working! :) So what else? Oh so as you know we had Elder Kevin R. Duncan, of the Seventy and he came yesterday and he talked to us, and taught us about how we need to teach people and not lessons, get to know these people, and do everything we can to serve others, as well as getting the members involved in the work that we are doing in our sectors, but all of what he talked about was great and many things that I can and will apply in my life to help my become better. Today we had a zone activity and we played football (recuerde it´s soccer here) and also we taught them how to play dodgeball and it was a lot of fun, after we had completos which is pretty much is a hot dog, and they were really good.  
     I really can´t think of much more that happened this week, it has been kind of long, and short, and a blur all at the same time, and I´m pretty sure you can all understand why, but again know that everything is going just fine, and that I´m here doing what Nanny wants me to do, and even better now I have her help right by my side. What more could I ask than to have "Angels round about me to bear me up!" And when I speak of these angels I don´t mean just those that have passed on, I mean all of you, and the people I have here as well, I literally have many angels in my life, and I want to thank each of you with deep gratitude from my heart. I will say this again, I pray for you always, and I hope that you all are doing well. So until next week with more adventures from Hualqui.
Con Amor, Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad,
Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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