Monday, October 15, 2012

week 38 in Chile - 10/15/2012

Place: Agronomia, Chillan Ñuble
Companion: Hermana González
Date: 15/10/2012
Hola Mi Familia!!!
       ¿Como Están Todos? I really hope that things are going well. Things here continue to go well, there have been many things that have happened this week, and it has been a good week for Hna. Gonzalez and me! So lets get started in a few things that I can remember that have happened this week. So I told you guys about a family that we found last week, well we went by yesterday to see them and the mom was there, she was very nice and listen to every word that we said, had questions and we were able to answer them, and now she has a baptism date/goal for the 24 of November. This family is great, and we are going to keep visiting them! So keep praying for this family!
     Other than that we are still in the process of finding, which is good, because we just received a new map too, so we are trying to work with that and get it organized! So that is a lot fun! :) As always we are continuing to have a great time in the house! Oh mom just so you know we made the donuts and they were GREAT!!! and MUY RICO!!! haha I have members asking me how to make them now! It is great! We also made pizza this week because the four of us didn´t have lunch on Saturday! And that turned our very well too! 
    Haha so something very funny happened the other day, so we had just gotten home for the night and we all walk upstairs to our rooms and I was talking to Hermana Bowns when all of a sudden a shiny, green, somewhat big beetle started flying around the room it freaked us all out, but it landed on the floor so we trapped it and Hna. Bowns started down the stairs to put it outside, but on the way down the stairs it fell and she lost it! So we were looking to see where it was, but we couldn´t find it, I asked if it was on her put she told me no, I don´t think so. Well we gave up looking for it and went to plan. After the prayer, Hna. Gonzalez and I were planning and all of a sudden we hear a bloody scream from their room; I ran in there and I see Hna. Bowns jumping up and down telling us to get it off get it off. It had some how fallen down the back of her shirt and she found it as she went to scratch her back, scared her half to death, but we were all laughing our heads off for quite awhile about it! It was a weird looking bug! 
    We had mission conference this week, which was a lot of fun! We learned so many great things that are going to help us, and it was good to see some of the hermanas that I haven´t seen for a while! I actually got to meet my sister in the mission, the 2nd sister missionary that Hna. Sanchez trained, so my sister. It was cool! and Hna. Sanchez is training again, so I have two sisters and we have a picture together Hna. Sanchez, Me, and my hija together, haha three generations! Abuela, hija, nieta! :) But mission conference was really great and we learned many things! And then we have interviews this week with President which will be a lot of fun! We are looking forward to it! :) 
    Well I have to get going here in just a minute because we are going to have lunch with the Hermanas again! haha like I said Hermanas stick together! :) But before I leave I would like to share a spiritual thought with you all as always! So during conference President Humphrey shared two scriptures with us that he heard from President Arnold, who is the area seventy for chile, but the two scriptures he shared are in Genesis 3:9 and Moses 4:15 and they say this: "And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?" (Genesis3:9) "And I, the Lord God, called unto Adam, and said unto him: Where goest thou?" (Moses 4:15) I love the message that are in both of these scriptures, and what President told us, he said, that we all have to ask ourselves, where are we now in our lives and our personal development? and as well ask ourselves where are we going and what is our vision for the future? We should all ask ourselves these questions daily, Where am I? and Where am I going? and we will be able to take and account for our lives and help us grow more and more in the person that God sees in us each and every day!
   Well that is pretty much it for this week, I promise as always to write more and more! And remember always that I´m praying and thinking about you all always! Please take care until next week, and I will have more adventures! Until then! 
   Con Amor Siempre, y Para Toda La Eternidad!
    Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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