Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 50 in Chile - 01/07/2012

Donde: Libertador, Chillan
Compañera: Hermana Miskin
Fecha: 7/01/2013
Hola Mi Familia!!!!
            ¿Como Están Todos? I hope that all is going well for each and everyone of you. Things are going really good here. This week just like every other week has just flown by, and has had it´s ups and downs. But it has been really good overall. Sorry that I´m writing you all super late, but we had a zone activity today, and we went to Yungay, which is far way, and we went to see a waterfall! It was super awesome, and I got some really cool pictures, which I will send this next week! just because I´m a little short on time. But back to the activity, so it was a blast we left this morning really early, and we rented a bus to take us there because it is 2 1/2 hours a way and we got lost a bit on the way, haha it was funny we took this wrong turn, and as we were driving through this woody place, we crossed this scary bridge that looked like it would fall through and we also saw a sign saying, "watch out for the crocodiles", and all of us hermanas are like what did we get ourselves into! But in the end we found it and it was so much fun! We were on the top and took many pictures and then we hiked down to the bottom which was quite and adventure in its self, and took pictures on the bottom. I loved the hiking! It was so beautiful everything!!! But we had tons of fun!!!
            Well this week I think the biggest down that I had was I got sick even worse than I have been for the past 3 weeks, I got a really bad deep cough, and lets just say none of us could sleep, I felt so bad for my comps. But don´t worry I´m doing a whole lot better now, thanks to a priesthood blessing I received on Sunday! I love blessings they help so much!!! But on Friday, I had to stay in because the cough was so bad, and I was not a happy camper about that, but I dealt with it. Missionaries just want to be out and about, haha! But we didn´t have a member to come to the house so I had to go to the Family History Center in the church and stayed with a Sister there while she was looking at microfilm and doing things. I slept for about an hour and Hermana Brennan and Hermana Frandsen came to see me really fast and they bought me a coke and chocolate to help me feel better for having to stay in, they are awesome! But lets just say I shouldn´t of drunk the coke because I was completely awake after that and couldn´t sleep and so I work on a little bit of the family history on my account updating a few things! haha but it was an adventure. I´m just glad I´m feeling better, anyone who knows me knows how stubborn I get when I know I need to work and I´m sick (right Hna. Steinmetz?) Lol, but I´m pretty sure that was my humbling experience for the week.
         Well things are going well in our sector, and we are working still on finding people to teach, and we have an investigator that is doing really well! Hugo is progressing really well and will be getting baptized in about 2 weeks! We are really excited for him!! But things are going good in our sector, and will be much better now that I´m feeling better! haha I think the only thing now we need to worry about is the heat!! It has been really hot and it is going to get hotter!!! But we are going to survive!
        Ok well I am running out of time, so spiritual thought really fast! So I have been reading in the New Testament like you all know and as I have I found one of my favorite scriptures that I know you guys know but I still love it, which says, "I can do all  things through Christ, which strengtheneth me!" Because it is so true, all we need to do it look to our Savior and put all our trust in Him and do what He has taught us and we will have the power to do all things if we have the faith to do it! and if it be according to God´s will. But I just really love this scripture because it gives me a lot of strength when I need it!!
      Sorry this letter is a little fast I promise next week will be a bit better. But remember always that I love all of you so, so, so much and I´m always praying for each and every one of you!!! Please take care and I will write more next week!!!
    Con Amor Siempre y Para Toda La Eternidad!
    Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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