Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 51 in Chile - 01/14/2013

Lugar: Libertador, Chillan
Compañera: Hermana Miskin
Fecha: 14/01/2013
Hola Mi Familia!!!!
          ¿Como Están Todos? I hope that as always things are going really well! Things here are go really well! I have so many things to tell you from this week, haha many many funny stories! Many things have happened so as always I´m going to try my best to tell you a few of the stories so that you can all have an idea of things that are going on here! So as always just have patience with me because there are many things going through this little head of mine, but I promise to do my best! :)
          Well as for people that we are teaching, we are still teaching Hugo. He is doing really well and progressing well, he has quick smoking, and says that he is very  excited for his baptism, he is always saying "Soy Mormón" It is awesome he has a lot of excitement, and hopefully things keep progressing well, and that he will have his baptism this next Saturday! We are also continuing to teach and find some good people, which always make us happy, because if we don´t find, we can´t teach, and if we can´t teach we can´t be missionaries! So there are things that go hand in hand! But Hermana Miskin and I are doing really well together, we always have a blast, and have many adventures! Haha many adventures in the blistering heat! It has gotten so hot here! You can tell it is summer time! But it is all good, God is nice to use and sends a good breeze every once and awhile, count your many blessing right! :)
          Ok onto funny story number one, so on Tuesday we went over to eat lunch, and all was really good, but something interesting happened and lets just say it has to do with maggots. So we had a salad, and Hermana Miskin loves spicy things and there was a spice that the hermana had on the table called Merken, and Hna. Miskin put it on her salad, and all was good, but when the second plate came out which was chicken, Hna. Miskin put more of the spice on her chicken but something was different this time, she was sitting there looking at her chicken and the hermana told her, it´s just chicken Hermana don´t worry. Which is was but in the spice it turned about there was maggots and Hna. Miskin was looking at her chicken watching the maggot move and thinking, "how in the world am I suppose to eat it?" but she at it trying to push as many as she could away, but still ate some. Then when the hermana went into the kitchen, Hna. Brennan took a spoon to get a little bit of the spice to look at the maggots cause she didn´t believe, so she is looking, and the Hermana walks back in and Hna. Brennan just shoves the spoon in her mouth, and she was freaking out in her mind, and the hermana thought she was freaking out because it was hot! but it was because she just put maggots in her mouth. Wow adventures of the mission right! It is a good thing I still haven´t picked up on the spicy part! That I know of I didn´t eat any but you never now!
         Well on Saturday, two funny things happened. So there was a huge slug outside of our apartment, and so we were taking pictures with it, and Hna. Brennan decided to stab it with a fork and look like she was going to eat it! I guess the maggots got to her head, but then because it was dying she put salt on it to get it out of its misery which I don´t know if that helped, but whatever. But it was Sunday morning that something really funny but scary in the same time that something happened. So because there are four of us now in the house we had to buy a bunk bed so that all of us would fit, and all of our beds are downstairs, but the bunk bed Hna. Miskin sleeps on the top and Hna. Frandsen on the bottom, and every once and a while one of the boards falls out and we just have to put it back into place. But at like 5:30 in the morning we heard one of them get loose and we thought it was normal, but then we here, more of them start to fall, and Hna. Miskin´s matress starts falling through, lets just say we all jump out of bed, and yelling at Hna. Frandsen to get out of her bed, and us trying to get Hna. Miskin out of her bed. Yeah we had that scare, but I think we are going to find a power screwdriver to screw it in so that it stays. But lets just say that was an adventure, as well as the adventure of cleaning out the freezer last night, lets just say Hna. Miskin was very determined to have it all cleaned out, so what does she do, she drags it all outside and smacks all the ice out with hot water and a knife, but it was an adventure and I have a video I can show you when we are home! 
       Well that is pretty much it for this week, many adventures right? Well I need to get going here, we are going out to lunch, but before I leave as always a thought from your favorite missionary! My thought comes from a Dr. Seuss quote I found in my quote book. Which says: 
                              Today you are you!
                              That is true-er than true!
                              There is no one alive
                              That is you-er than you!
                              Shout aloud “I’m glad
                              To be what I am!
                              Thank goodness I’m not
                              A clam or a ham or a
                              Dusty old jar of
                              Gooseberry jam!
                               I am what I am!
                             What a great thing to be
                              If I say to myself
                             Happy Every Day to me!
                                ~Dr. Seuss~

          I just love this quote because it helps us to remember we are who we are. And I would like to add, that we need to remember our divine nature and potential that we all have in us from God, I know that we have so many characteristics and we just need to devolp them! But that is it for this week, I will write more next week, and I hope that all is well with you all remember always you are in my prayers and I love you all a ton. But until next week with many more adventures!
     Con Amor Siempre y Para Toda La Eternidad,
     Hermana Aubrey Jo England

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